Sleeping with Kevin Sucks

Tuesday, November 14th

Rayne explains to Katie and Gavin what it's like to sleep with Kevin. 


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165 C ends broadcasting live from Disney California adventure I had the wakeup call Gavin Katie and rainy here for the festival of holidays going on now until January 17 so much stuff going on. We were here all weekend we got here on Saturday we've been here we're broadcasting live this morning. The world of color sees them light is going on to self if you're planning to make your visit to you by either they Disneyland parks would come down here you gotta check college fund and vesta stuff we have going on one of the things that was very interesting about us coming down here was. DeVon team down with his wife in in his son Conor and Katie came down with her husband Mike. And injured Kevin nine came down. We flew down on the same flight it's almost like. It's almost like by the way rain and your likes his Shaq Karl from. It didn't feel I very similar to I can feel that way that's because there are many times throughout this trip that we have had did you like. Rain do you have your eyes on Kevin moved out or are we need overhears some would say make sure you keep your eyes and your children like where's Kevin yet. So while we got in on a Saturday so Saturday night we'd be the stated that hotel. And I got a heads up they had a time dad died Kevin does normally sleeps. Now I get the same warning when we went to Atlanta and Greg and I Rubin Gavin of the Gavin had his beam NASCAR believe that's me Mac right. It's it's being mass well while he was sleeping. It was fine no issues and I'm like okay that this wasn't bad at all did you guys kind of you know prep me for it so I thought that went intern Kevin and I were sharing a room. Probably wouldn't be that bad right I was wrong guys are dead wrong I. With Kevin where we sleep in the same room with them and we had a conference in green mountain cabin as. I felt like I was the first person diagnosed with sleep apnea dad after you told me I went to go to the sleek loud and and they diagnosed me with severe. Severe severe sleep apnea since then. You have done nothing to try to get rid of Vick or deal with it. Not trailed a gig yeah I don't let down I've tried sleep being on my tasks I'm tightly Manama back in my side okay now down. That would give him that would be and a thing that would fix say you don't think Gavin would have to start doing that for his sleep apnea. Well every one is made differently you're right you know what you're so right how many get into that here in the second let me say that on Saturday night win we went to bed. I could not get an a good night's sleep because Kevin snoring. Captain waking me up. It's also all night you're out there to the point where I was I was teetering on smothering him with a pillow. Jack halfback but then you thought it felt like you smothering him and our idea here is not a normal store. Like. They once in awhile it just goes. That's new is that a worry yeah yeah I am cell sedan last night he's concerned about my lock we. No I. There are you kidding right now I know I he's a last night. Sacked last night we see that's it related to viewer reading the rides. He got back in I was like now hi Kevin now see in the morning I'll set the alarm goodnight and I said if you snore I'm throwing ability and and he's like my ring. Hey don't you tell bees leave me and I'll really got to. In the middle of the night that it happens. And I grabbed my cellphone and I videotaped it and it shocked a pillow at him and he woke up. Startled look and I had to light a lifeboat until and he block well. I see the video he lit really looked like. It is he didn't know Larry was. I even playing July birth certificate and and that he'd never seen rain memorial where you can text back and. This 7389. If you wanna watch the video of meat during a pillow and entertainment media arraigned now that was. Instant it number one and incident number I am running a no sweep by the way because. All night Kevin's going to waking me up and happened again and I threw the pillow even harder edit anything did David and I. I I thought I knocked it Villa down when you. Pitney NFL off the bat of Kevin do you feel rested his brain doesn't feel great I don't and it's usually a guy at night. Here's the point go get help. I did can't help. But did they tell he need to think about in my house I have met you why are you using that very complicated to sign up and I'm not. Ever use. Now the gas is one on the box. Even though it's in. I took it out a box try to set up in my rim but it doesn't know what about his way up my round mollify you I'd get it all right peace agreement so yeah it's at this grazed him above those anime figures are nice at all. Any Deanna made big errors anymore anymore they're in a box. Connects to the plate at the.