Smarter Than Katie 1-4-17

Wednesday, January 4th

The Wake Up Call play another round of “Are You Smarter than Katie?” for tickets to Monster Jam:

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I feel bad for her husband. You smarter then maybe. First time this year are you starting. New Year's same question why. Can't. And let's find out who's gonna kids. Pity on. She's a higher education teacher from Brooklyn that. Alison it's good morning. San mare named Harry has their own game. Education. But I have. Listen they introduce Kevin there's been very mixed this morning is now go out of my woody each. I am I'm a public he came. Out of their cabinets. Attack did all Kevin giving us the dirty is like I so you're already 85 questions. Content paper right or wrong after Katie goes and then that the end you're smarter than Katie. You'll be proud and say so and it's not pass is a monster jam thanks. Yeah and I wanna keep my little boy he can they try now and a volley talks about. Also I'm positive I hear a question number one. Between seventeen Coachella lineup was announced yesterday and the headliner surprise a lot of people because she's a pop diva who is Sheikh. Pretty affairs. Question number two if you count by fives like 5101520. Thank. And you can do that a hundred times what number would you cannot tell. OK. Question number three. Over the weekend. What job did Chip Kelly get fired from. Three seconds to one you know it. I question number. Number for the new season of the bachelor just kicked off with Mickey's the bachelor. Now counting this season. How many seasons of bachelor bachelorette has nick been part of oh. And question number five just in the first name of the current speaker of the house in Washington FYI he was reelected speaker announced yesterday first name only. Q are you check. Yeah. Yeah. Can't I don't get K clean socks. Sleep we're screaming you're allowed when you're little it's taken forever. You take your sweet last time I really don't come Katie how every time we call her over she gives us this note to mean. She is behind here what if they're not know if you meet them little mean. The question and can't hear you think you still a lot of big body language him during the angry your questioning somebody else so you never know what you're doing big body language that meet him it's my turn orange. Scientists we gonna tidy and so if I if my math is correct your guarantee she'll only get one right that is currently no one right. Along with toddlers. With. Yeah that's her eyes to turn I hear yet Katie question number one. A 12017 Coachella lineup was announced yesterday and headliner surprise a lot of people because she's a pop diva. Who is it feels like. There's about the extent beyoncé. Her crown against current screening is incorrect food plentiful until. And could celebrities that I love us. Symptoms and yeah. And I could humor until if you counted by 55101520. But I can you do that a hundred times what number would you count up to. His second start to act. Millions and spite. Fat. That would once she got right you don't rights 500. So I've dented it yes I think you're all tied up you know he's getting away marketing. And I'm being an easy freed up a question number three over the weekend what job did Chip Kelly get fired from. Seconds. Sound like racecar drivers hope that is. Do you I'm surprised you got it right ACC NET no time using he was the coach and they 49ers. Good old. Yeah well I announced battled champ car. Analyze virus that everywhere he goes bad bad news on question number four Katie the new season of the bachelor just kicked off and at this time around nick is the bachelor. Counting this season how many seasons a bachelor bachelorette has nick been part of sale. Who heard as of four was wrong and so is your. Very two time runner up and like listen give the guy. In the end this is got a phone not right. I think that is so alluring and now I don't know why anybody watches that show and I say I watch it here and that's fascinating because he's like he was. He did on the second time around and now he's back and he's like he's he's you know he says he's added. As I did he's crazy yeah. Listen I just shocking is this since you need the blast for the way of tax. I'm artery up Katie cushion to find out what's the first name. What's he first name of the current speaker of the house FYI he was. Just reelected speaker announced yesterday speaker of the house is. Marina and. It's actually. It's a it's trickier. It's how I need to test. Yes I hate you know it's crazy it's gotten 500 added I don't know what I was thinking. You about number I am mad and others I need to say it even have a tiebreaker ready because I just figured someone's gonna Naomi is okay well I. House speaker of the house tell Paula Paul Paul Ryan is still listen to. Just just Paul just hi all I gotta I had I really okay that we might hybrid and I Freddie Ellen has my back 9000. Yeah you can play or Pashtun player pass. I'm gonna cash. Intensively educated guesses right UN's okay. There's a movie coming out this weekend called hidden figures. Unmanned adulation I UNK if they're best at what it takes place. In the early 1960s. Or following African American women who work. In what industry. Yeah. And she's really in the. Well I know you're not supposed to use words like been seen this setting you working with the toddlers is down but you have to tell them that. This thousands soup base. Huh and then denied smarter than you CAD. Obama you know primarily by you know what we're gonna still send you a monster jam. Saying earlier rather applaud none. You know I love how you tell she's a toddler teacher concede sick. You guys are OK I have glaring out at all morning saying I know I can hear it. They are real quick Emily monster jam like nick on the bachelor it's months against triple threat series and your qualified. To sit the judges' table with me on being I've got all I've ever felt I'm being judged and qualified that's on January 22 golden one senator. You should've written it down because you're not smarter than Katie you probably will miss the event. Congratulations Katie things first victory and he.