Smokey Bear

Friday, February 17th

Gavin just discovered that Smokey the Bear’s real name is actually just simply “Smokey Bear”. After he found that out, Gavin went down and Google spiral and found out a bunch of facts about Smokey Bear. Listen to Gavin read some of those facts:


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We don't know. Again okay so explain what's going on here you saw they should get an ice cube. Again I don't know how you guys are talking about smoking back. Are you familiar with like that there's like a whole line of of anti trumped I'll Wear out there that just as resist never should never heard of a good ones out there people are anti trump weird opinion and there's and there's a one shirt that has of them has the resist and it's got smokey the bear. With his fist in the air. In the latest started to laugh as smokey is dislike famous slogan only you can prevent forest fires me. And that means started coming out with smoking gun and that fed only you can prevent fascist liars I. I swears he's not he works himself that it needs and I. Right and I didn't know that's all look at the picture and I think again that like it's money that's gonna go toward the National Park Service or something like that delay helped preserve whatever is going to be get taken away and I go is ice cube the big national park. We just started talking about smokey the bear and to this one over here pointing right Katie. Want total lie. They'll jays then send something that club so when he universal knowledge and she did what what more we talking about. Smokey the bear smokey the bear and what did you say there's no but in his name is Uday was just smoky eye and it is my pronounced it smoky Bebe is a die and there are some well shall. She says that is just Smokey Bear out my first reaction is like he's even McCain yeah Smokey Bear away and he's he's I mean spoiler alert. Is a fictional bear. Oh I don't know why did it started out why don't you do not and a well. Guys your does get ahead. No I did notice and he was you can't wait to get ahead of every night and hang ansari and there's so much stuff going on here haven't you can't ask Ed is not so low key vote banner. Yeah remaining Smokey Bear I've been practicing that all night. This happened yesterday Smokey Bear Smokey Bear yeah Smokey Bear and that. I looked up. And Bob Smokey Bear that I don't know you'll now he knows for. Then it's. Yeah he does he was really one boy adding little comrade he was a real bear that was ray. Rescued for all of forest fire and his name first blows hot foot that it. Don't know that okay I'm hot foot Teddy lived gold all. As life as. Euro and the our target pictures hot foot Teddy died tragically. In 1976. On November 9 never forget and tragically used die all the age but he felt it felt track he was indicated is doing a hit by a bus in the US senate as an old iron so when they changes name them all working AJ has been great question Jason I don't know at some point they JG is named because they said hot foot Teddy without him like something on urban dictionary I. That's what we're Kennedy's trademark bay gamblers in Reno yeah. I want my name that came out on Amber's parents know though some more Smokey Bear got married it. They brought an email bear named her Goldie bear. All full on letting it and do all why not they had a baby. Him. Is this this is. The real bears these are the real cares how is this the true story Smokey Bear and Goldie dare Wear bunny hole. And I wish she did I mean I will do that and I'm sure a special hybrid Kagan and their pen. The very least I hate to be. And dying bear weddings I care about all law. I care about. Well exam by chairman then I won't where's the gun you need to got to the his skin Jason never have pigment of your imagination over the 100% right I remember being a little boy and a grand opening a Toys 'R' Us that man was there and smokey the bear no you calling him a brownie you yeah calling and high because that's not his name that. I was calling him wrong deal and no I don't insult. Yeah. Little smoke. Did you all league I am not bird. Well wind question are you curious as to what happened to that title Smokey Bear after Smokey Bear dies you. They had a ceremony. In which they crowned a little slow and Smokey Bear true. Pictures of that ceremony. Next mayor showdown. Didn't get close within them even Blair there bear Americans think that the mayor mayor. Now married though there OK gotcha and then that Santa make sense and smokey tragically died. 111990s. This month Ebert you know remain so. Yeah fell upon. Is that the remains were transported to the US Forest Service Adam Morrison rather than it is in his forest he was the. Twisted and ironic and his father started. And I'll be escaping a fire and make pre made amends to wriggle back in LA we don't know you never I never escape we bears you've never. Think somebody whom they have there. Wake up call. What is 605 PM.