Soccer Announcer 6-23-16

Thursday, June 23rd

The Wake Up call talk about a very excited "Icelandish" soccer announcer! 


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Wanna start off this morning by sharing review something. Amazing that happened. Last night well I mean. It sounds amazing in retrospect it's a soccer story two and again and how much do you love soccer. More than anything are before you turn off this turn off the street station. Everyone at this point in their ideas from Mayer would this classic soccer announcer. Maybe bigger guys. I was so much fun to talk about but guess what his enthusiasm has been top Katie how had beat I don't know well when Iceland's. Please. Calm down too enthusiastic I mean that's the only way to respond to rhetorical questions that's fine the that B I can lay out of five. And Barry how they back could be last night. We like the agency's day just haven't actually Iceland beat Austria. And the announcer lost his F in mind. Check this out. At this point I tea. I haven't heard the old clip we're twelve seconds then there's 27 to go. What did you ever get dividends. Sorry. God. All my god you're up like it's been settled I ever. That's the ritual. Anybody he beat another country's eyes and I'm known for their soccer skills when you get on a country nicely and you have to let the announce her spot here which you know is coming prepared for a ever ready for something like that whenever I hear stuff like that which is. Infectious how can you know it's to buckle mom on steroid absolutely and so whenever you hear stuff like that I really do take applause. And I don't take pauses. Now you just acknowledge acknowledge I take applause and I go. Man. Maybe I should like soccer. What because it seems like Yahoo!. We're futile a year out from our announcers or fur fur great. Sports like football and basketball and I mean my enthusiasm but not the mountain god that. Well yeah I mean I've heard things like you know home run wins a game and you hear the announcer B lag and. How broad and all right. I can't believe the. At the same and I did go under everybody right and we college Danny and. It is great shoes. Every line and be sure to get above pre borrow Gatorade. Is pledging action on your way out and all and well insert garment I know. Ruddy. I don't know what this guy's saying either his outside might be part of it well that can be part of it and I'm wondering like past. All the blood I can't believe. We create. I. After that I don't know if you decide. He's so just overwhelmed with emotions are spreading other people down is Levitt. Well. Yeah oh yeah it says suckers and I imagine you'd probably have a goal of violence in note by the way are divorced and had good. What do you say and no one dies there's nobody speaks ice land. Inch what did you talk I know I think they think this is not going to come a fact not a single person speaks I play fish are. I landed shoot is you know what's the what's the language they what is it actually openers and you don't home likely your eyes flare that they're trying to. Well I dear to correct me for guys know what based BIA correcting you know once pizza ice plant that's from an end in Iceland that. They all there all minds right. It's true bastards though that's whether all hail can we hear more times sure sure sure com. Miguel. Oh okay. Sorry. God. I'm a whole lot iGoogle that and it's like to imagine but tonight. He's singing Iceland's National Anthem very address that's how it got below tell the clothes he nutrient for nearly out of time I did you go into its lowest verses like you know the is there. I slim. You moron you only. Hey good. We're now. Have a soccer team in smell. That's a translation is Iceland's screw you rest the world we told you we could eventually do something memorable right AI NN York anyway so congratulations to them. Some other there was as for tying the game that's toxic mix. There are a lot. Wow wow anyway I say our congratulations they did you lay out we know we have 330000 total people in their entire. Borger they're entire country Iceland rarely get and they beat meg bigger nations are doing really well apparently sells only got a new White Sox you can enjoy all of this.