Solar Eclipse

Friday, August 11th

The Wake Up Call talk about the upcoming solar eclipse:


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Call one thinks I'm the end guys being science news I heard about this about the ice solar eclipse yeah. And actually legitimately excited for them really well last time we saw solar eclipse theaters never thought I. I was a teenager I remember him going to the dentist in and I mean I vaguely remember this. And we're going to the dentist they were talking about it was. And you're like oh let's go outside Belfast will use the piece of paper methods you'd be able to see it's obviously solar eclipse can't look at it right. Thank you gotta make it a little people write rights but the whole lane in the you're able to see it now waits at the idea I had to have been a teenager when that happened a teenager again. Last time it happened like was in the seventies or something like that in a net might have been like a partial eclipse all this that totally cool this is a total. This kind of thing the used to freak out in my inflight. Why cry. So I'm a total eclipse is this is where the moon passes in between the sun and the earth. Moon. Passes okay right and walk south to sign so depending on where you are. It could be in the middle of the day you could have darkness in a little bit at all. Like ignites again not not eat into the sky like I'll put a purple ish red right. Anytime there's an eclipse I somehow missed it. Or like it is like I see Clinton got black mood is coming up and then it may be. Maybe my expectations get too high and then when that happens it's like I don't. And there was that this one's pretty big so hard to miss this one of your week it is a case yet do you Wear special like glasses a day like paper 3-D kind of glasses to be able to see it because again it's the sign. Don't look directly decide yes. But about this article a mom wants to reschedule the solar eclipse on because a museum wants to have a solar eclipse party on the Monday it's supposed to happen on August Tony first. There's a mom on FaceBook that asked. Can this go on the weekend because it's a school day. Possibly as she does solar eclipse party is like that theme of the party. I don't really know did the comment after it was great to do is they did this lady just asked to rescheduled to Sunday. What's really funny about that is that this small. Cares enough. To be part of some sort of science FaceBook group per kid but only on the weekend only let me. And not enough to realize what the hell they're talking about. That's because that might get the excitement there's up that. She is also. Ironically this same person that when that same museum celebrated leap year. Asked that they can move it to the weekend before I just because he had a family reunion borne the legs he heard a crack. What's good about this is that this says they'd done this is for the first time a long time all of North America will be able to see an eclipse of the sun on apparently both Ford depending on how did earth is tilted in where the sun and the moon are you only able to get a partial one. But this for the first time you're gonna be able see it all threat all of North America. The best spots to CNN. Our dime if you lived in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Casper Wyoming. Lincoln Nebraska. Where have you been all these places make it obviously you closes one for us though I think he's more organ yeah he has a spider organ for it but yeah over the scene 90% of the dough in Sacramento still super cool that's awesome. And the first time just through North America. He did it guys trump really did yeah. Great but now and then USA America great again yeah before he jumped on the air. As a gay guys you see what's gonna happen with the solar eclipsing Gammons first response was. He knew with the doughnuts. Yeah. Did you look at three date chocolate glazed promotion for the for the eclipsed co dependent getting dog is getting dark. And I guess I'm reading it like this is like a big deal I believe it or not I'm not a donut eater and Rajon. Don't they always do chocolate Kleiza might battle. Thought outlets is one of those things are they're coming up with promotional ideas for the most ridiculous things like I think what have dodged a day in May I'd be done. On them. I mean that's great but Krispy Kreme could we move the chocolate glazed donuts go to the following week. I got hardy we've got a party it's too much chocolate that's. He's what's next.