Someone Has BO

Thursday, January 18th

The studio stinks like BO and we get to the bottom of it to find out who's stinking up the room:


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Wake up call 1065 the end guys I don't know what it is this studio smells this morning it seem as not yes it does it's mountainous plateau we oh we had to call wake up call meeting here in the studio. Gave in intern cam entering here. Hi guys why does it smell here I didn't wanna say any date because I thought it was one of yield but it stinks that's why I've been in the other from the hall morning. Let's not that's it's not I think it is Kevin and here's why it's cabin. I was walking behind Kevin OK and I'm when I walked into the room the BO smell was more pungent. Then I had noticed that the prior to that OK while Tom gave admitted the whole umbrella what's had the whole time gain what does that smile like another round I will say it smells fine in there and it's a smaller room he's. Also some say hello. Every solid. It's not me. The reason why this is the problem is because people are gonna complain for the rest of the day. Whoever comes next is out of the corporate Andrew Rubin who he might be offer you as 171000. Weeks they've given up. Donald. They're gonna complain and then Chris k's good. Complain and then Jordan's gonna complain they are going to be complains all day and we need to know who the blame as well. I recommend. We each smelly each other's arms pets. Are you see I love how did you don't have anything to hide that match I am not really high and nothing. And that's I consider my kids that it probably I didn't I know is in its war. Speaking ahead. Unless you don't want to be this we have we have you don't Smith I volunteer distribute all sniff you out there. I'll never know Dave believes there. I beat doubted that Johnson he'd that the American habits can't no you still got guys there are you as Hitler every snap how. Yeah we started this I thought. The walk around does it. Love the odds and I'm. And I'll king is trying to get rid. Yeah any any gay behavior if you're still very gala. Is it my daddy daddy bear arms in the air let her phone in attorneys so into a dog Margaret is kind of like the dog barking up that it. OK okay well yeah. I haven't blocking a defendant hunting him smelling my god in turn can only blame. Okay here's how much of the Internet dating are I know you create edit my god I really Rangel. The arming our granddad at game. Big frog again. They don't rush it all right do you know the French just don't die okay. The way that what's going. Rooms now why. Is because the anyone in this room however. Let's all close our eyes I noticed radio people double what our eyes okay. You point to the person that you think might be the culprit. They look but closure right hey why you 23 point opened her eyes. Rain and I know it okay. You know airborne key. I don't need out know what the hell I don't know and yeah. Yeah. That's yeah. Hey pull. Your government is. I'm saying I don't. Buy it must not be able to do and I don't I bought the bonds in light. You won't I just real I just had no Palestinian and day. Gavin matter really smelly sandwich this morning all. You'd think at 3 PM good meat on it smell it yeah yeah yeah. I LD LC's. Matt law. Yeah. You hello hello yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hague grew. Do you you don't. And returning long. Did that he's not you still. Yeah yeah Monday yeah. I buried here she felt like yeah right now. I could smell it from every. Love the no. How does that truths and not think he. Thought it. I. Useless.