South Park Trolls Alexa And Google Home

Friday, September 15th

The Wake Up Call talk about how South Park trolled people that own an Alexa and Google Home.


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Wake up call. 165 the end do you guys your medicines at a South Park familiar face barely a V mail in entire episode trolling. Google Holman and Amazon echo so what are they go by having the characters. Today OK Google or hail Lex all lots followed by a really really dirty stuff there's several YouTube videos of people videotaping. Their own. Devices by the TV losing their mother. The double thing. Does shout out to all bark or had to show my global moral leg up but guys. They wouldn't. Well talking. And it reset what I call will like I guess they they call you your own name right as you can program that he said the episode reset everybody's whatever that is home my thought and everybody's device is calling them dirty like conflict. For a hint it's not a South Park and I feel like it's a show for boys it is a show from tele. I have to say they are always is on the rays learned and I. Pop culture and might very creative out there they are brilliant writers so it's up. The tiled together and how we bring this up because we got an email yesterday a bad they have enable us. Holes. On that. Amazon echo that you can listen to the wake up call OK so guys I'd like you guys to welcome our special guest this morning. Alexa is here sorry it looks like I didn't hear you correctly. Well some are so bad I mean it is pretty device and I've ever seen norm personally yeah. I had. An election is sitting here and every I am a better today we should err yeah. And then my album. My life so if we say. Alexa. Play a 1065. The end. It's the way it all things for enabling what does expire the end Alyssa I say some of your podcast saying wakeup call. It's. Like I know why. Articulate panel so it's an engine problems on his insane we wake up call what would you like to listen to. Wake up call. Here's something that wakeup call you might have missed a few really important does happen so don't wanna go to the next does that next and you heavily will be born. Jeremiah Wright point the track. Local event. Yeah yeah. Not sure I hit me but. And yeah well I don't Saddam. And listens to me it's okay Mari. Column 0065. The end or listen how official we found let me tell you a big do you she'd been out like. Now she likes him but now they just didn't. After that's on your phone for it and you just have to search 1065 the end. And it'll come up and you have to enable it that way. OK you can ask gates you listened to Wessex by the end even with some wide you can listen to our old shows you can listen in your pretzels and anything involve diplomacy here. They tell you that. She. Is. Well ahead of the curve that compared to Google home. Can I get a Google home for Chris Reid and Gavin is seeing meal work it's terrible. The only thing that her Google home knows how to do is play beyond fashion tough if you ask you to do. Literally any thing else it. Well I still critical parts about Alexis you know we do DI Gavin in ranger got every Friday. One of these days one of us is probably gonna be sick or have. A day off for an indication or whatever so we can actually recruit Alexa the Philly for a know how will all access told me a joke. What is the reason go to the dance with the crew and why because he didn't have a date. I don't think you're gonna make her laugh though now yeah. I really enjoy it. I thought I gotta tell you this here's a bugbear is the first time I've been a room with with one of these Amazon devices it's like being in the room with somebody in a coma like. It was just sits there. But they're listening. It it is it's creeping me out his yeah they're always listen to one fixed idea and yeah.