Sponsored Weddings

Friday, September 22nd

The Wake Up Call talk about whether it is awesome or tacky to have everything in your wedding sponsored by different corporations...


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65 the end. High of 76 they wake up call broadcasting live from cal expo for the united Bay's Dave Perry we're gonna tell but that it a little bit on how you could be part. Of the united mainstay of caring and not getting some school supplies for us Devin tell the story about. Getting married and tell you could have your wedding paid for. By corporate sponsors. So well that might be the future we gotta keep an eye on this lighting adds a couple of Canada named Jason Rebecca yeah Google them that they have a whole web site. Where. They. Are taking corporate sponsors for literally everything in their wedding. So that they can have their dream wedding okay probably think like well. They're being super self pleasure or you know whatever it is because. And he lost his job. Would during the there they're fiance. And a engagement right that's what it's called it's been awhile for me and so he's like well I feel back they still want to give my wife or my fiancee did dream wedding she's always wanted so word opening ourselves up. Two. Corporate sponsorship. Now they've already secured ten. Corporate sponsorship really firm like things like the dress. The flowers. Are photographer. Stuff like that but they've they need a lot more they're looking for a lot more good and if you're asking Michael what does that mean. I mean are they gonna walk down the aisle with Michael logo on the back of the guys talk that's lived next yes it does how. Yeah they're gonna have logos on their clothes like they're gonna have to make sure that they have logos all over the reception and stuff like that and here's what I wanted to. Do you think. This is tacky. Or do you think this is Smart to. Because. As the only one right now on the show to ski he's not here who is married who has had a wedding. Third spread out shared too expensive. It's not rocket and I apologize to the people that work at the wedding industry where you go to Iraq it right you know. Know that you can inflate your costs three times. What they are for everything else just because the word wedding is captured. So. I see this. And he's really Smart way to get around what if you'll care that you've gotten men's warehouse on the back of your tuxedo. Great. I just say. I imagine this looking like NASCAR. You don't NASCAR sponsors all over the cars. And then they have like the beginners along the track and every theme at the signs thanking her in Milwaukee they'll be irony what you're right it's like our catering is. Powered by McDonald's like. I just that does it feels tacky it is a Smart concept if you can do it right it's like anything like. You would a little more subtle incident just hanging like. A little droopy vinyl being inner over the corner what do I do it some old I mean who's got a sponsor your whenever. Now are they going to like put the list of the sponsors that they have looked up on the web sites got direct people to go. Like they they have got on the website at well law but there are a lot of Canadian companies unlike most people never heard of but I'd put this up on on FaceBook and wakeup call listeners. Are like pretty evenly split talk some people think that it's an end to what's interesting is that it seems like the people. Who think that it's march to people who are married. The art are the ones that think that it's Taki. Like. What are the ones that said it's super tacky everyone seems to want everything whether they can afford it or not and that that means. Showed up for everybody who said that it was tacky like if you can't afford it. That you shouldn't get we. We get a text it's as 7389. So tacky and despicable if you can't afford to get married they they just go to the church go to the city delegate Mary privately senior money for a big wedding later. I was in the same situation in vegetables get a very nice budget wedding for under 5000 dollars intern Kevin you're not married. Do you plan to get married yes soon okay cell you. Are your days I just telling you guys my life. But I did they think you know it doesn't quite sit still have a shortage are giving you like you have a debt. Yeah and it's you know aid. Well well well saved 101000 dollars right of horrors for some weddings. If you do that you could kick your wedding sponsored to pay that 101000 dollars per letting would you do it. Yes and no hesitation. No hesitation by I don't know assess the logo but if I have once and a lifetime weddings that's amazing but if you know. If you get a sponsor you're gonna have to Wear like a sponsor on your jacket as you're walking down denial that's fine I can tell I can even put it in my speech if I have to you know I mean it would surprise me if that was actually having the group usually doesn't get speech and that's right but you. I have like. The DJ who will also be sponsored could be like an outside the best man's lead sponsored by gal and low LD about lied and the sponsors and no one will notice because they'll be having an open bar sponsored by flights you know they would definitely notice if you're just like an out. Outside The Home Depot metadata moderate speeds I'd drag unemployment back yet now it's time for the Denny's garter toss. We're now you can get a Grand Slam breakfast for only. Tour that night only at Denny's. Or however it is. See some people are bringing up that that wasn't out long ago that we gave a wedding away yet fun fun. On what has expired. That's different a contrast I think is different share that. Actively trying to sell your wedded to corporate sponsored right I think that this is just the way that things are gonna go right. And I think that if it's if if weddings are going to continue to be more and more expensive. That I I don't see anything wrong with it to my kids were like. I guess what we're gonna get it all paid for by corporate sponsorships have really great. Here's some of the texts are getting at 739 and he is somebody who had their wedding sponsored by Bud Light. Everything was blue and yellow and it was but like buckets and banners it's every day that sounds cool I have gotta admit that sounds like a Monday Night Football and I. I thought someone else that I think it's an innovative idea it make what you want to happen another one set up photographer to just block it out of the pictures. Well what if it's sponsored the sponsor is gonna be like will be needed being your pictures if you're gonna blow up for your own private like collection your album. Sounds like it's a great way to save money any pictures is full of money saving ideas how is this different. It's totally tacky and yes I'm married who cares at the bright girl Murrow OK with it who are you to judge. On how they pay for their wedding and that's a good point Kevin you were some of the sponsors that you would not allowed to be at your wedding not allow yeah. Kelly let they might seem like hey Kevin we have 101000 dollars to pay for your wedding. Moon. I can't I only know the sponsors that I went out there. They do would you add you to the ivory top hides of class there Calvin Klein. I would how Louis that time do you have a direct line to goal Calvin Klein and looting object Calvin Klein not found. What would hide your last sponsor at the wedding all of our beer mugs are going to be high just last dear colleagues yet. Beer glass says it's okay it's gonna keep it calls for the duration of the wedding. We also have Lou Louis that time gift bags. While Powell wants their gas and also Calvin Klein giveaways can't also Calvin Klein models are locked down I'll let me well I'm not. I'm not gonna lie. In turn down greatly in certain Kevin we think it's years away from getting married but now the wedding I'd actually like to go I you have to say that it is amazing. Think Kevin thinks that a wedding that the group. Walks down the acceptable to be surrounded O'Donnell I've met you bottle you know when they introduced the bride maids and the grooms men and they opt in. You I would have to block impair a player with something that's exciting music and then hostile we have models I want I don't know I have that's at the end of of writing alimony when they turn around and you exit with you are now white's right. Me I'm not I haven't researched marriage yet deep down I wish he'd turn Kevin's wedding would be sponsored by divorce attorney. Haven't researched just. Very much. You have to reassert say I don't like how they grew as I know how many K how much bigger team have been widely reception. In this do you eat how to do it gets registry. Art yeah you're right. That's a lot of work right now. How many pages my report had to be before I was allowed to get married report yes Tyler or always got a right to hold your research paper on yeah. And LA format and only format. I know what so covers eight. I'd select color broadcasting live from cal expo for the united way is day of caring analysts expire at the end. And fixed idea and.