Spooky Secret Sound #2

Thursday, September 13th

Retracting Tape Measure.

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When those things by the end soon. Secret. Nice speaking way Brenda that Brenda your column number seventeen team. What is your favorite Halloween themed ride at Disneyland. And the hunt in alcohol and incidentally I always solid it's been eighteen years since they've been doing that can you believe that. And I won't do it simply they've been known how long so your let me play point overtime what could this mean tests. It. And measuring tape. I think when you know you're really button and Quebec in his place zap and backing you better get your finger out of the way okay yeah print and let the guy. Gas is. Yeah it. Yeah. Season happily doing business because envisioning that wonderful pieces I will end. Like I did my granddaughter embellish you multiply it could. Yeah congratulations Brent L statement this thank you could do.