Spooky Secret Sound #3

Thursday, September 13th

Socket Wrench.

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106 by the end soon. It's sound. Little. Well a year ago eighty Katie you have a chance to go to Disneyland or call it a seventy. A little. So you get the idea excellent opportunity taking the first guest. Adding noon spooky secrets act I think both this listened intently and what do you think. Could be making this sound. It. Skating let's see what you guys here this. I guess is. A first. Round. You know your way around hardware Katie good war. To get it at this yeah. Great Halloween time it did Disneyland written word. You have to drive those smoky tone macaroni is like I just tried no matter today years you're gonna love this so how. Wonderful time congratulates when it's this three in like the Latin yesterday now three in the last few. Yes its own I didn't have you been down here Crowley time before. Want a long time ago. But there's a lot of that's a piano beautifully realized I'm Lebanese you'll see what's your favorite usage is just have to but it. Why don't think quite well.