Spooky Secret Sound #4

Friday, September 14th


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106 by the end it's secret. Kayla from second and a good morning hi I can't or any tie your college since. All rights disputes secret Santa's secrets and number four T let me play a lot more time points. All right why it is secrets downed number four. Okay is it like to be elliptical like it fell on the elliptical machine alignments that turn in Washington let's find out. It's a no lipstick all. IRL and I'm only played against you can hear it now yeah. Did you drive there and is. I'll make say it's. There you go congratulations. Caylee you're going to the Disneyland resort. How awesome is that. It. I'm really overjoyed I literally double double down on to bigger than I'm out of shape. I I don't know just senate. Yeah they you know lied secret cinema for an Olympic gold now we're gonna do it again on a brand new secret Sam coming up at 10 o'clock with orphaned injured Kayla congratulations. Have a great day.