Spooky Secret Sound #6

Monday, September 17th

Billards Ball Into Pocket: 

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1065 the SEC. Oh yeah. Time and he's working. And what's what's your duty seems to be out for you. And my little chance only. Right Susie Eaton didn't I didn't have you are spooky secrets on the other one more time it's very quick to solicit off overnight until what are. The target again so we could ask your form and run into hitting a poor won't likely older. Can be more specific heating up pulling it up on the acts is hitting a ball to pocket it's. Gas is. He. Job is Halloween time and good luck to October 31 so I did start planning your call you. Oh my god yeah and I think you know rags. The last time we were gonna Disneyland. I was there over the summer and our fans aren't you spoiled brat all right what about. Now gradually learn but I never went when I would younger but I'm making an effort right now. We've often here on God's grace she's got here you'd want tickets into Disneyland. And you're popular star break and you get music talent coming up at a bad game on the.