Spooky Secret Sound #7

Monday, September 17th

Keurig Brewing

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Let those expire at the end it's. Sound. When people. Good job butchered and it can be hi Josephine it's orphaned and Ari on bunch right now would he deal and I. It was perfect time because of our key secrets Alan I would love to get you down Disneyland and look at your your delegate idea if I'm down. Well we're gonna play our spooky secrets out here for yet again and take a listen. And does little aggressive I don't like it. Sporting clubs into Disneyland would be government. We're going away here. On the security brewing yeah ultimately a working your machine. Gas. Look at that you don't. So what lunch or coffee in the morning just tried. Yeah that's definitely a cherry and I got a pair of you'd want park tickets in the Disneyland for yeah I. Yeah. They're like Halloween time you know we have Anne and her friend pulling for my friend for a day span. Edit also what's your son's name Connor are all happy birthday to. Obama Girl dolls and another sound another pair didn't think it's coming up port. At 1 o'clock I think you.