Is A Spouse A Best Friend

Wednesday, September 13th

The Wake Up Call discuss whether or not your spouse is your best friend: 


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065 the end. You college just 766165. Or you can Texas in at 73389. Do you think your spouse or partner. Should Dan. Being your best friend. Not could. Not well should. And the reason why we bring this up wise Katy brand new interview between on a Ferris is talking about her and the. Expect. There's essentially bring her and Chris Pratt Pratt. She's got a book coming out so she's then. These are excerpts from her bra okay isn't she Saturday is that it's you know she always heard bad. Your spouse or your mate boyfriend girlfriend whatever. Is supposed to your best friend is she never saw Chris Pratt as her best friend she. Saw him as somebody that. Has a certain purpose in her life and then she has her friends and each one of them serves an individual purpose you got your friend. EU okay that's your secrets she you've got a friend EUS worked she you've got a friend you are friends 'cause you just grown up together. And tell me I heard that. Curse saying Chris Pratt was never my best friends I feel like that speaks volumes. About their relationship. Like what dull. I just shows that there wasn't done I need to dare there are some things that was keeping them from being as close as paid. Could've done and I think that what people hope you will be you'll be with your. Out okay first won't do things are addressed one was what you just said hope and the hope comes from. What aren't Ferris said supposed to. Opened supposed to our idea is that other people have about may be yours for their relationship but they say it out loud or they say it on Dr. Phil or whatever. And then people like on the parents haven't in the headlight. Oh my spouse is supposed to be yourself. Isn't supposed to be any thing but what you want your spouse to be first of all object pet. Dyson I should mean that kind of light. The ideal situation there is no ideal situation the ideal situation is what you want the ideal to beat you why you're supposed to be about and that brings in my other point when you said it makes me think there was a divide between them. That divides sometimes has another name and it's cold parameters it's called boundaries and yes. Yes sometimes you have to have. Boundaries with yourself I couldn't agree that more kids the same thing could be said of her best friend I don't absolutely want hacking boundaries has nothing to do it. Perfect big. Campbell you're not gonna answer to your best friend here you know there's lots of things you do with your best friend he would do with your dolls there's lots of things you wouldn't do we do with just 2002 when doing your best friend. And here's something we don't know. Do you think Chris Pratt considers on a Ferris his best friend I petty too as we don't know on the spread the kind of guidance I would say my son is my best friend we get a text San. Yeah yeah he would count that's Q we have a text saying dumb yes your partner should totally be your best friend in your everything no texting your spouse should be your best friend and then why at Roland right after this says. Your spouse should not be your BF. I don't think fears about should I thinks if you're spouse is your best friend. I think one you watched too many romantic comedies and the Ireland and the other thing is. I think the you're putting. All of your eggs into. That basket and I am I think that because of bad a negative or even pragmatic way I'm saying that because it's putting a lot on that one person okay yeah definition. Of the best friend she. Somebody that. Did that that you can relate to that you can have a lot of fun with that's been there for you know a lot of secrets about use somebody that you love somebody that you trust you. Here's how should be the content. I think that the 2000 is a whole separate category like third things that I've told Stacy that I would never a million years tell my best friend general. I mean that's just the truth I think I think that it is fine. But I think when you start like peeling off what the definition of a best friend and if your spouse doesn't fall into that category eight. I think maybe that there is something wrong I ponder percent agree with on a Farris. That like you weren't you can say and I imagine things because she's single and back on bombard yeah. Which I might be true a lot of credit. Then like if they've do you consider your spouse your best friend. Then you have mixed two worlds that I don't feel like should be met only got I think if you K then let's they are supposed to if you are lucky enough to be somebody that. Gets to mix those world. It doesn't get an. My husband as my best friend question like this is Tex he just got in all hard to pass so yeah. Well I absolutely adored dismay and I can't talk crap about him. But to his face what do I do tell how I hate that he has no aim in the bathroom or tell him how I was cooking gives me that. Jim no I haven't told my best friend all but they're OK I saw this is glad never getting merry. Okay here at the end there. Well now kitty and I she's gonna is that you lose you lose vicariously through that long in an ominous that job and they want to live to be miserable. It is. Somebody does I applaud BM.