Starbucks Lid Fight

Thursday, June 21st

Intern Kevin and Producer Gabe fight head to head to prove to the rest of the Wake Up Call team whether or not the new Starbucks lids are better then Gabe's five-days-a-week straw usage. 

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Boy goes all. It's generally good call. The stupidest arguments about things for us especially no we do stuff back to stop what happens off the year. Apparently there is a battle brewing between intern Kevin. And producer Gabe in regards to the news Lee had been. At Starbucks. In the new I'd say the new fluids they're putting on there and their coffee cups apparently this nearly had. Started about like a year and a half ago when it was part of their nitro cold brutal. Now the gonna start implementing them on a lot more of the drinks that they serve there trying to eliminate the use of a strong is that what it is Kevin and eliminate the news. Distraught to protect the wildlife underwater. And guess who doesn't care. I did start to. I have been counting how many times he gets drawn a week and it's five times a week every week for four weeks. Every month. They're telling C animal doesn't necessarily mean those straws you'll end up in the ocean and getting and that in a sea turtles the role whales blow hole how deep the awful blah and ray. Yeah Ray Kelly. Am I mean is ridiculous is Kevin is. Sounding he's not wrong by the way it. There's a reason why zoos don't allow straws I mean they're huge hazards they animal I wish she does he gave visual side that you I had I had. I grab the pop out of that burst symbolic Kevin you're not some environment warriors. Then. I suddenly thought well late game talk. Also. I did try it once. With. With the original drink it was for a ha it was fine. It's OK okay mom also I kind of feel bad asking them for especially in an owner behind me and him here he army at dean yeah. Yeah exactly what is so different about the slid. A bit more with their regular triggering the it looks basically like a kid simply yeah. And. Hello I. Oh look at that that's true and it almost as can I don't have iced coffee all over my car get a hold the top is actually probably the size of quarters in early year coming out. I have to spill fluid out of there and anywhere on those old lane. You know I'm gonna come and went out some wind Watson and ladies would have to deal does more than men. If you're wearing lipstick and you put your bottom left on the bottom part of this fit decouple it wears hers but you're out you're going to push a lipstick from your bottom lip on your chat will listen I wouldn't want you pretty ladies did not Wear lipstick so the fish could live well. Haven't what do you do to protect ocean and the great. It French. Well I go. Yeah. Yeah and I never. He is it. All know. Another concern I have about this I gonna. If I get iced lattes I'm gonna have cold ice all of reminds he'd when I'm drinking out of that. They don't usually use reusable. String. Glass one that I use most the time with. Reusable straw I mean that's why the reusable strongholds so I think we go on the reusable straw direction how can knock this one which also seems to be made out of more plastic. Then the other layered I don't let me see that makes it worth it. It's cycle lapped it. Do you now it is a big liquid environmental. I mean give great it's a relief that Clinton none of that necessarily creating more about them Byron mental hazards of pigs you know. Daughter but she's. All that much plastic. In this country goes on recycled. And he lives there now and LA and gave I just couldn't sit with this. And felt good didn't let me know how do you trying to. On air. Like it Fred. I just try you try again let me get it acts up. And he smelled it helped the kids. I may be in Tripoli. And use it out of your mouth I might just been an out here on out yeah I think. Saying that you know I hate thing. I think more armed and the I'm happy blue yeah. We'll. Get humans came out yeah democratic country. Yeah yeah. Yeah I think he's getting his father didn't help our re spending more. It. Through there. Yeah.