Starbucks Reserve

Friday, September 22nd

The Wake Up Call talk about the new Starbucks Reserve that just opened up in Sacramento...


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165 C and eight have a wakeup call shoo in for a high of 75 today hey yeah it's the a wakeup call or broadcasting live. I'm here exec Alex dove for the united way is Dave Perry and it's cry. I thought I. Gaby is it here Katie is that sick today but we're broadcasting live I'm here to the united where we're gonna talk more about that and a little bit. But there was an. This story that kind of came out with a the last few days but something massive. Opening in downtown Sacramento. It's it was a cult gamma does Starbucks reserve slow. And that. I mean I do a little bit of poking around on the Internet like like what the hell is this chair I don't get it. I know I don't know why this is such a big deal. OK so agent Kevin have you heard this. I have actually heard of it and bid to lie and why I was in Seattle. And unlike our first look at stuff a gap it's up. It's the most top of the top Starbucks like its sole Fiat C their. And they have their own special blend of rose that I tried their and it's so good okay so what makes this different from every other Starbucks. I am it's more classy. They have a private. Reserve rose themselves like that you can only get it at Starbucks reserve. Am also. I think they've dull one at Seattle they make their own coffee there now. Well I think they do that yet but they they have like so that's what I found could Kevin apparently doesn't remember a whole lot about what he was there but they have Blake. I guess there's like Hugh Bert fish drink coffee but you're not like a coffee guy yeah knob but like. They have really upscale brands called blue bottle and intelligentsia. Which apparently are like. Expensive and hard to get where the price is more X very expensive like how much more like Starbucks already like I. Probably I've paid around nine dollars far grundy copped to youths did yeah I was a red velvet blue what you're dead Kevin hey it was a once in a lifetime experience and I also got a they have better pastries to visit while I was gonna ask about the food and second of all. Doesn't make you mad that your broke. And you had too expensive nine dollar drop today at the Starbucks reserve in Starbucks I mean I'm sure you're still paying off right on credit card now I've had been paid oh good that all congratulations so does that make that that you did that spent that money for a quotable one of a lifetime opportunity. And now we have one right here in Sacramento I know because I also got a tour of the place. I'm having used walked around today I yeah and they also got a Starbucks librarian there's still a lot of varied history are like wow arouses. Kind of books that they have in the lighter hiding in Syria because it was all locked up but I blocked by the library was flavors the library the here's the flavor read all lied dreary look I. A noisy yeah right now he's making but about spread so. I guess I wish I I could talk to somebody that went to the wind in that with our. Downtown sockets but what I think that leads me excited was that this is one of six in the country right. All the other bull all the others might at Seattle but Seattle makes cents that's for Starbucks is rob. All the others are major major cities New York Chicago or LA. It made me proud to Sacramento like what do we do best how do we convince Starbucks like now. And now don't fit Diego. Give what right will treat it right and you say this is downtown it's downtown right. Either go to one senator loss I think part of it is I don't hold downtown area to college downtown commons that did that joke though is it Delco yup always that. The OCL right to have a big like words culture of Dexter calling it now that areas of the anti commons. Which by the way we should probably spread that around a little more because everyone has the same reaction you deal what they Coco yet when people walk around elect we have no idea would Delco is I thought it was a company now it's if things don't go in fact I thought well I don't have that sign up for a long time to get there's no company called that. Com but it gets cold that you know that they're trying to find these of these cool ways to bring people into the downtown area especially when it becomes do you like. Adding these visits is a mean Sherri could put a regular Starbucks down careful when you have a Starbucks reserve it's gonna make people good and I did hear though. That they're putting in a punch bowl social. Which is this super cool kind of restaurant it's got like a bowling Alley and it's like. It's actually super cool super trendy is I think that's going off on the parties to be the mall like the part that overlooks the main message needs. Don maybe I thought I had a net area going up there get a yes we're well we're proud of Sacramento and I mean usually it is the studies to be like one of those. Sacramento but now I think you know what's the turnaround and execute now went with us getting all the school stuff you peoples are taking it seriously instead of and Ellen goes sacrament now right. I mean that's not the case we've got her on Starbucks reserve I felt like -- regular Riga and apparently the Starbucks reserve doesn't serve any basic thick strings like for after she knows this guy like I now know they serve I nitro stop it's just like coffee like high end coffee so were you disappointed that she couldn't get your like. Your strategy goes and stuff I at first but then what I'd say it's my pop yells at. Wall flavored changing I feel like an adult I grew up seeing Ali eager to appear instantly college pretty sure you don't because I'm just click three. That adds edition of ACC begin Canon we're broadcasting live from cal expo all morning long for the united ways day of carrying the wake up call when a 65 the end.