Straight Sports with Intern Kevin 1-22-18

Monday, January 22nd


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Straight sports time this is where we go down to a sideline reporter intern Kevin get everything that we missed over the weekend on sports intern Kevin good morning plus. Who include Hulu and I would do. We're so glad how I may be able to to aid tense weekend sir I would evidence what's over the we can intern Kevin. As expected the New England Patriots came from ball hard to overturn the Jacksonville. Jaguars that Sunday's AFC. Certainly sim games embeds the Super Bowl twenty part taught me. And I. Win now like no jaguars. A lot man. I may climb out right yeah we don't want to go page through yeah. To top Brady did they give ball end tickets and its seed its. I Brady why guys I 95% of Americans hate the patriots. 'cause it's Bob Brady. Elaborate on that. He says. RE had yeah. In San Carlos little a quarter Brock right. Also that they have won the Super Bowl. I have time I mean at seated and they do cheap. They've been. Twice that I can think and what. You know I'd. Me and I'll lately brain over here he'd tell AFC east TM sport that would then there's got to just. Loans. Okay now now now. That all the more important game. Hello. I hardly looked in Eagles. I'm ego. And yeah Israel launched the energy write. Letters. Sort of my keys were hoping to be the first ever mug team and the Super Bowl but couldn't get past the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday. 38 to seven at Eagles cornerback nick falls through it three touchdown for a three or just a DG yards the Eagles will play the patriots of the were both of these two Edmund Annapolis. I think that what part of the Minneapolis duly did. That was a good game yeah I watched the right Jared. That nobody thought that game was gonna go down the way that it went down and why do you think about why because that Eagles are not at dawn volume. The rain and I gonna. I you've done and what is that like. The vikings do to lose this game where they go wrong. Fumble not a teamwork and they did have a pep talk to eat. He wants between their lots and as they weren't sauteed straight sports events or Gavin. He should relocate it outside what the worst record in the NBA where only thirteen wins this season they have lost seven games that are clearly there are lots of methods on Friday night. What I do to get back on track. They're good at need T get new players in our better mindset carton who I get a better mind. Meditation. Won't bowlers don't do that a chaser or basketball right up. Oh good basketball players the yellow and I'm told he can't get there stretch dogs so they can do that. Slammed the there it's all be doing you'll get into think. That they need to stretch out their muscle OK okay I'm acupuncture without help our no not what people get. Paralyzed. And acupuncture he had if they hit a raw nerve there are just goes. It makes you think you don't know yeah. It's Beatles did your body well you're right it and want to dribble no needles the yeah. Has it that I don't know prostitutes that. Danny graves are beautiful and how I. Connecticut that's one non sport related question just because you're so masculine. And oh boy you drip without letting bush off troop way of testosterone what did you think of the woman's margins quick question. On bad down aware wow there are a lot of load in there. I felt empowered today stepped out of the role of the bush began sit down the beer and say hey. I would still win it well why wow yeah good deed that some I'd be without you I wonder how these also football players oh yeah. Get them on earth yeah ice I realized that out to the mobs. Me greatly of looking the way I should just bounty to golf. It right. I'm headed for it. Well that's great sports. And and then at IE. Just Katie did it give and it is dead Saturday getting out every day. You're gonna yeah. Balance kickoff back.