Straight Sports With Intern Kevin 2-12-18

Monday, February 12th

Kevin gives us an update on the weekend's sports news. 


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Guys he's bagged fresh from his weekend concern Kevin is here with the latest in sports. We'd call it straight sports with the intern Kevin morning intern Kevin Barbara. And I. Yeah. Yeah you're fired up this morning and it's like it was an intense weekend how intense was it. Wrong the winner look at. Started that's why does the balls cooler. What. Winner Olympic sport figures. I was cool. A story. Trying to interest rates sports an intern Kevin what do you got for us huge. Forgot to blow legal. Bull legal. The cigarette he's still got another block some mental map let's Sunday. Let me yeah yeah. Google Ron I don't know until what sticks out blog did but at the base at. Keep. It wasn't enough to counter the timberwolves you know what's funny is that a lack. Last week when he did street sports when you give us the update on the Super Bowl and you nailed the name of the city that it was being played in thrilled for some reason. The added you had a concussion from our ice man that iced earth glory and hurt my head I don't know I did yeah. Oddly INS. Rob I mean those those women and men work there aren't out there and now I know her feet probably hurt your old ears compassionate. Even armed man right right. And on I started eight I was very keen rides I ran out of beer at the break. Pat but throughout the white he's starting to all yeah I got. I had to get caught it started and we now know weren't. World war and they. Sierra all yeah. Yeah I met her I was born in event. The opting armed tournament. Sheryl have a great line I might kind of opt for her. Root for another team. Wants the U. Evil are Russia god. All they're not in theory let us this year and I. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I it's now or ads and ads are now. You should not pay the line is an idiot Cheryl now my favorite couple. Not alarmed that. The Chicago Cubs agreed to pick up free agent fit certain fuel. Our best foot six years lead one toward east six million dollars. Targets laid by the Dodgers and Rangers last season breaking up to budget night's strike outs. The cubs alarm at a Major League Baseball team begins spring training workouts. I don't screw up the number one important thing. I don't have a lot of words before and it's. And I just get wind did I get out and I have asthma I got I don't play sports I just want your rights. Have you ever play it is at I used to play through it means that as being bombed all of the same time. Maybe that's why my heart is okay. Every week. You can't judge Gerald. I glass wind it's straits was an intern Kevin. The Winter Olympics begin. His weekend and make Chang South Korea or Germany took an early lead look for a gold medals in the men's and their individual skating. Women it's seven point 58 kilometers. Spread. Men's 1010 till about it as well this metric system. I am lemons. Alameda. Brazil and the US got to love. Sarah yeah. I. Well the tournament's big cycle low is not snowboarding men and women out. Now. And yeah good job I pretty Gavin Dre knicks had sat straight was an intern Kevin it would not be a straight sports signal without a chest bump. Would you like to just bumped to the army and you know I've got. I'm upset but my. Who is this why these things and I'm and it says what team USA. I'm above the door are a bit alert team USA are. A yes I see you can just pop the door fourteen USA but you beat chanting USA. USA the entire like I don't like don't. I don't know how did do a dog. Up next on the wake up. Golf. We've got an article they give up the statistic that proves that parents are shamed in did not traveling because of young kids. Your parent of a child give the solicitor we'd love to get your opinion on this its next 822 on the wake up call 165 B and.