Straight Sports With Intern Kevin 2-20-18

Tuesday, February 20th

Kevin gives us an update on the weekend's sports news. 


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Iberia and so reporter injuring Kevin is back to give us the update of everything that happened in the sports world over the weekend and moaning in certain Kevin. That's. The well. We averaged off the don't think that that's weird to say like what went out sorry I don't broad enough both. I'm a little food. Our debt go back to cheer leading our. Yeah. The Alberta and great start doing that. May tip things over in the studio like the garbage cans of their chair let him when there's a big bar and you have to celebrate it there was an epic but president and they're very ours got out fights every weekend and Kevin comes inning gives us the update on the sports world but he Epperson turned haven't. Norway has currently. Metal leader during the Winter Olympic Games with 28 total including eleven Google. Followed by Jeremy anyway it's what he total. And ten gold. I hear it is the United States to fix what's that total medals five gold out shot we got to pick up our game. I mean no way is just what the island who would have thought they were good at ice gains were. Body. There all Barry call. Well I did you know I'm wondering if if you know anything about norm. Yeah it's really called a can't we just told that end op apparently dates drain. Every day for as postal mimic what they are afraid Gary the season. OK anything else but Norway and they have great this. Ice machine gone on there a diplomatic country. Yeah how are also tax rate is pretty good there OK all you know some weird stuff. Give us just a quick Norwegian accent. At all. That's it as. I got ice straits towards an answer and Kevin. Sunday night team LeBron beat teams that's been. 148. To what 45 and and it BA all star game in Los Angeles now that all star break it over the teams come up to the go to was honored Thursday night against the Oklahoma done. There's that it's it's secondary there's no asset in that under her right what did you think of the all star game op. It was intense and took my seat but I think the picks were kinda. Could've been better. How well rob did Stefan curry by I'm picking Kevin Durant honesty. You know those people are you now. We've played for a Golden State Warriors might he that I only yellow blue you don't I saw you and kings game warming this sign that's an odd I and there are life for our and I didn't pop star Y what did you do that I can get their game plan so when the Golden State lawyers like Kevin come up here tell me the team gave an idea. What's his name to go over here throw the point and I break you probably the last person they would ask to spy on somebody you'd have to know something about something in order to relate I got a lot of things well. Three point turns turnovers. And quite literally eat you know I had three point arc three point. And I do not suited to replace it. And threw wide shot yet dad I put that eyeglass lined that street sports and intern Kevin. San Francisco Giants started spring training exercises this week at Scottsdale it Clinton and its hourly demonstration of for a former giants pitcher. Tim I didn't sit com. In an attempt to return to the majors are you excited for spring training yet out what they do at spring training and clean the field clean the black mob boss. Click to sell. Bring spring training. What do you think when you're there. Like I guess people go to spring training I'm guessing you're gonna go to the jewel of sports so much right now I know it's hit a one where they're trading with the day's what do you think that people do when they're there. Like street Pierre the data. Critique the players aha he announced mine I catch some balls helping you to catch balls I catch balls all the time. You act as bumped somebody yeah. I don't know how much that it let don't really support me. Are to follow that I don't have gone you know I got an awkward awkward time right here. All I'm all right they hug the guy. To let you know light. I was gonna say we have just. Another side I had. Kind of high street sports didn't get men do this your.