Straight Sports With Intern Kevin 6-19-18

Tuesday, June 19th

Intern Kevin comes into the studio for the weekly sports update.

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Wake up call. Intern Kevin. Does she Aaron and he has all of the sports all. All of them ready to go give us updates from the sidelines supporting intern Kevin Watson. Alonso and yeah aren't all of the sports bureau hasn't proved it. And you have and it's I didn't have to Wear helmets today do you Wear a helmet is like walking around society. Do early morning of football run with a helmet just the rocket that you know yeah. Are you so what do you we're in for safety and protection when they are run imagery run into fast you know what if I have to tackle the ones where touchdown. Unlike and is now I gotta be ready you know I don't know sports like you do is well. As a means to request artistry exports an intern Kevin. 2018. Feet while Scott began over the weekend in Russia. You wins include frets over Australia. Mexico over Germany Sweden over South Korea and England over. To society. Expected to play today is that a call against heartland. And it needs globally grass that is it is at Portland or Poland Poland are. I don't want him he has another one of these Tunisia. To ease. Yes definitely. Yeah Iraq what are you whereas Tunisia. In the East Coast. And. He's. Big yeah. Here are a lot of the arrow but yeah. I know that the world were yen. Hobby maybe Hayes Europe area. And they're merged again they weren't really close on all those that guy it's at the top of Africa. That's different continents. Sure it is Seattle it's part and. An obvious sports scene and then where do you see and in the messy Reynaldo. Kenya studio like mourn why. Britain although. Why is easy easier on the eyes. He. Yeah he's big he's a good soccer player like good scores are gonna play it. All from all the way over there I pull up a Google images them on your boy Ronaldo wow. So we are raising this 100% on a slot now and it's skills he plays more odds that white team that's that's in the finals was it Tunisia. No I dig us. Russia no no no no something's something's Spain Spain he plays or Spain. And where is Real Madrid and. It is okay yeah but I've been a job app you have made sure awful lot it gets hot sure our I would have my shirt right and I'm a field. So you would just play sure lists as hey. You waited shirts and skins game. Never know OK I believe that football and then sometimes my shirt gets taken off instead of the flag. What is bad football odd but. Are sure that the black I'd read eighty JT Bob yeah. Geithner and Carl so all they don't beat me. Today do you Lawson played the bridges where I now. We played that way and it wait wait a minute whim and if you're playing sure it's flat bigger playing shirts vs skins now not serves as the skin I'll OK so this is a snag but the girls played dirty and takeoffs are certain I'll. It was a good girls and as the yeah. Oh yeah I know. They got an assurance that they scored touchdowns did you distract us look old play. I'll have full panel of men from now and call every sporting event shirt birds assurance that the I straight sports events or Gavin. In the NBA draft that Sacramento Kings got the second overall pick they could draft nineteen year old guard Luka. Are sick from Real Madrid by ambulance good for everybody I know every day now that we need to go to Madrid he's six foot eight. And is there ready considered rookie of the year Golden State lawyer is unfortunately have the 28 overall it now even though. Other champions which is weird I think that the picks based on bad. I uses the ending theme now tell me where it was ours but that means you go last yeah. The back and he hasn't always been getting the best of telling you beauty you're organized sport it's just checked you. Don't be out sorry. It's your. Shirt and a wake up call.