Straight Sports With Intern Kevin 7-17-18

Tuesday, July 17th

Intern Kevin comes in from the sidelines to give the sports update:

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Straight from the sidelines barbarians sideline reporter. Kevin is here with everything that's going on the sports world morning intern Kevin was so grow up. I'd somebody got Debra and trust in the sports world today Washington national's stock. Harper came from behind to win the tortilla eighteen home run derby last night in front of his hometown crowd. Down 189 home runs in the final round Chicago better. The Chicago. Cubs Alcan trials why over. Price hit nine home runs and ten slings to tide and he hit the bonus time ball over the center field fence Puerto wit. In home runs why don't they just do that in every day. The pressure's on for them during the game this you have no one plane against this is just fine the earth yeah. Ally kind of like com on golf when you hit it when you hit it on the field. Men just putt it that's reply and the yeah yeah that doesn't count where you where users hit it out in the writing a column of yes. Alan Colleen. A driving and driving IAEA yes okay. I'd sit do you so. But the difference between obviously. And going actual golfing and doing all eighteen holes and that's just driving range here is going out there just hit it seal far it goes them by five reserves Bruschi writes okay. So did home run derbies. Very similar. Yes okay so there are eaten wings just like the top golf back in the dugout. I mean peanuts. Guns because base baseball guy OK I got off its wings golf that's what I regard as an official food of golf's not that I. Exports of concern Kevin. Don't understand 9040 wind jammed Arab Mara GO Joseph DiMaggio. The against the Indians and the longest any streak in baseball history. DiMaggio got at least one hit and 56 consecutive game do you sound like you broke during that I'm. I. Wonder if you don't. When I feel it's how you word alleged breakdown. Is this not because of heartbreak. Why yeah well. It's one time and basket long. Storage Soledad Italian girl we lost the team because of her yeah. Yeah. You have an eight iron to yeah and I thought our. World and every time we plots that we cried and we cry. All four is huge as they are Bruce yeah I have heard the name and gel into GM equipment and that's my Valencia. Constance from baseball football and Flemmi and that's what close. I straits puts an intern Kevin. And I should a year after having a baby tennis star Serena Williams just fell short of winning inner eighth career Wimbledon doesn't idle on Saturday. Movie do Angelique Herbert in the final round. He missed the turn it and sees that. Are all the moms out there are playing freed today. You know how our bigs UCD. Open letter that her feet on. And wrote about her loss no I just watching I was more use of. The only cares entirely naroff more than I care about law you right right everybody is weighing and back story of Wimbledon on. Oh win bulldogs. I know who didn't it's a title that's what Steve just flat. Tennis player. You only care about the sport part of it but. Aren't you impressed that somebody less than a year after having a baby. Needed to Wimbledon. Well it's Rihanna well you out what does that these it may be not. Here's. Think she doesn't deserve any credit because she's the one of the best I don't know I don't know how she's great. Had to add the tennis player do you think that less than a year after you had a baby you'd be able to make it do well well. Absolutely not did you see how big that babies Serena Williams came out no I was on all six pounds they think. That's very small I have about eight rounds out the ball six and eight I know. Is there may be small. Hapless he has that athletic body the baby dog note Serena Williams so much of our even mark amid now. I. Yeah. I god did you guys get concussions over and over a world. Very exciting and I got a concussion from the.