Straight Sports With Intern Kevin 7-24-18

Tuesday, July 24th

Intern Kevin gives the Wake Up Call an update on sports over the weekend.

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Wake up call. Every week in certain Kevin comes in to give us report of everything that's going on in the sports world we call it straight sports with intern Kevin. What are the precedent during Kevin. Clinton aides had their biggest crowd in team history on Saturday night late December that go diet that Oakland coliseum with 56300. Yards and bad. It's also the largest crowd to witness a Major League Baseball game this season but aides have. Averaged 181000 fans per game and they beat the giants. On Saturday night's Ford 230 in the eleventh inning save a bunch of. Were at that game boy I think again. In a big game because it's like the battle of the bay or. Or did people broken just once in a diet that's part of it at the other part of it is they finally opened up the top seats of the Oakland coliseum and they haven't opened those in fifteen years why why all the hunted because they don't sell those tickets so well Kevin I was this one so big it got that marries. And that's what she said panel the bay. What I wish bays are battling it out AP I think is what olive dog and talk about the girl. Obama will soon and I leave. Yeah me and a able over the battling they're battling far. Who was in line first were the hot dog and what are you battling. The president. Five straight wasn't and there again. 49ers quarterback Jim gore Apolo was spotted having dinner porn star. Cut every meal last weekend Beverly Hills Jimmy is 26 Kyra it's 41 didn't he signed a new 137. Point five million contact with the niners. And the last season key are like a nice young lady she does she's 41. Gauge as it does a big issue with this Kevin I mean disaffected they are so different in age he's 26 she's 41 no oh agents by the number. Do you think she's not. Her I'll boobs are a little bit. Two big. Things that if you loan. Our a young professional athlete at some point you're gonna have. Dabble in the porn star I Kevin would you have a two part question actually outlined would you ever date a porn star in two. If you did. Would you go home until your mom Kim that she isn't infected points. Why didn't know too I would never tell my mom do you have a pre importance. I was gonna out of that I several Norris. I don't watch porn why not I just got so many girls lined up and. Yeah yeah. I am in every match every game. An average every game baseball golf so I mean tennis while you've groupings for golf yeah now while they lob what I'd putt RIR. Right now. Not a hole in one Joker no. Aggregated data years nobody. Then I'd straight sports have been certain Kevin. And happen very often but cubs first baseman Anthony real came into last last night's cubs game against the Diamondbacks admits in the top ninth. The club we're losing 701 he had never pitched in the Major League game any third two digits and the game. As the greens yet the Anthony resilient I said that married and Anthony reads it was America. I. And it's certainly plays first base but they called me and it pitched yet any third two digit candidate Gabe and they why and it's not about us actually they got blown out now while. Black yeah and they. Kind of got hit I mean the cubs there are third mark team. So yeah. I'll play yeah I mean Chicago doesn't have a lot of good pitchers and. They couldn't shoot somebody didn't not too long they were in the top of the night okay so you say they don't keep the money he Nam okay a couple of World Series or two ago yes when it's. Tears and a. The whole team sultan yeah. Underdogs won. And yeah I think you'd actually know anything about sport not a lot dating you don't know about women. Why now do you it's like you're a woman saying you don't like women immediate guy said that I explored yeah well and call. Hurt OK I. And yeah I think and wake up call.