Summer Vacation Horror Stories

Thursday, July 19th

Some parents are over their kid's summer vacation already and here are more stories.

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1065 CNN. I know we go go. All. Last week you'll like it call we told you that it only took it. Thirteen days for parents to be completely over summer vacation and wanna send their kids back to school there so we wanted to ask. Your summer vacation horror stories 7661065. Where you can text message 73389. A week I said. I love summer vacation. I let my kids are on summer vacation I don't get tired near the accident. And I was. I'm now over at. And did the school year that's why would they don't. Do anything it is always there. Oh you mean exactly like what all that's been there all alone so decent amount of the house like at any point during the day in which do you stop goal like ride by weeks ago days that would help kids don't do that anymore. He gets to. I mean I didn't tell my oldest to take her sisters on a lock and walk the dogs went around once and back right now day ten minutes Max Hampshire on that. And swim I'm not there because that's not if. Relatives not. On I mean you're lucky the haven't had incidents. These incidences. That war. Though the exact moment that parents were over there kids' summer vacation and these are all horror stories. And this homes from Jennifer and yes we did that before we had so many of these awesome stories we had to do it again. Jennifer said that one of the two big Brothers locked the bedroom door from the inside the value of like a button yeah okay. So they lock the door from the inside they will still not admit who did it that was. That was before they put the baby down for a map. The baby was blocked in the room with out them knowing until he woke up from a nap and was screaming his hat off and then we couldn't open the door oh my god what sucked worse was that she had a hunk something on the other side of the door knobs so when they tried to just take the doorknob off. It would not drop ha ha so they had to kick the door down all. Summer vacation. Ollie and he said that on the very bird they've pulled their backyard on the very first day of summer where they opened their pool. The fourteen year old hit his head on the diving board and needed stable and now won't go back in the pool oh my god. Terrorists said that her son cut a hole in his screen in his bedroom using safety scissors. Just so that he could quote stick you head out that. Megan said that. Why there are there on their kids were having a fight and one got thrown into a glass play. Better sister through into the air and now the huge scar across her nose it was not at their house. He now while Barbara said that her daughter used a brand new twenty dollar bottle of olive oil and big body scrub who got a body scrub. Like he takes he solves any Mexican buildings and an olive oil is our oil is one of the things authentic thing that you do in the shower on getting soft and Scanlon Mickey said that her almost two year old and all over friend's wall with an X ball marker own car there. They had just bought their house all god. Somebody's kid climbed up onto their steep roof just to see what went up there and fell off. On the Christian said that his son got his junk stuck in a box fan. Excuse yeah. And I just said now he's the kid to be in the game never have I asked Arafat. Love hole. Julius said throwing a rock out the upstairs window hit the windshield of her car my oh my god what's that when it. Kim had to rethink that would trigger rockets from outside up there my house into my bed early and then throw I can't. Kids they crushed a pro ball often but it's. Really. Ali said that his son and I hate his lunch in the play kitchen bucket at daycare and they found that we truly. You know. Is that awful death fear actually kind of lucky I am lucky I am lucky. OK blast like Heather said. There are those who look at a cell they were at Folsom lake. And on the they were all holding on to a pool float and everybody had the round well everybody got off of one person they've gone. The job was for the kids to hold onto the pool floats and they didn't float away. They did all float away and they were stranded in the middle of the lake and they had to be rescued by a kayak and oh yeah all the all the floats is kept floating further for. The way that can. Noticed that's no good on them no. I did it ruin your apple watch. I feel like it's your fault we know that everybody out so I. So wake up call.