Talktionary 5-16-18

Wednesday, May 16th

Listeners play Talktionary with the Wake Up Call for tickets to Amy Schumer or Shawn Mendes.


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When this is my knee and Dallas. It's the wake up call. I'll play talks and airing this is where Gavin and Katie will give you a description of a word. Guess the word you get a point and winner gets to pick tickets today. We have tickets to see Amy Schumer and friends tour August 12 and Lake Tahoe outdoor arena and Harvey's. Ford tickets to see Sean Mendez July 11 2019. At the golden one senator. And I'm playing today and from Sacramento the morning. Watney play again this morning okay. I. Know you got us. Put thirty. Put thirty seconds on the clock and I you won't be the year of the tiger but it's aero guy. And Brian that who's that deal. My mom couldn't thermometer. Out of my. Mind and don't like I don't. I can't I'm thirty seconds on the clock and your times are. It's now not mom about a I. And ABBA. Yeah it's this is what you re that's not a magazine. That's all it's like that you just can't return to local. This is titled salt Jews not a bomb that lets it. No OK I'm this is like. Kosher salt Kosher in. Portland. Cultures all Kosher so yeah that's Rihanna island high air and provoke a good morning. Are any duplicated this morning ready I Aaron eighty IRA. I'd thirty seconds on the clock your time starts now. If you two story house. And you need to get your bedroom. How'd he get there you go wow yeah. We're pretty good and that you and better leather brown and they're out but I. And wind. And I have a car that they say one cannot say they. Okay. What you are trying to create a picture of someone with your own. And a rock. Ron Paul draw. That's hard is it. I find around thirty seconds Katie we'll start with you your time starts now. We did did you go to way. I had these are nice and 440. Yeah it's okay adding. And not okay. Did they would be no word and I just shake my head. Up and leave parents are revenues serve rescued and I had three batters that did go. Okay but let's first understand floor. I. And turn you now internally sought immediate. Yes those tracks. When you just need to get away any given year that's. All right we got thirty seconds your times yards down this board Donald trouble ads. And implant baseball you do this edit. And that's a lot of holes. Yeah. And not buying it I'm sure of the there's. An America on that or not. I. A mile mile mile apparently. And yeah. I mean. I needed any way that. Not your fault. But I feel like I had a much harder and veterans day and let it not like. Final. While Julia went on time you have older tampered uses all the cards gardens and act and they aren't migraine. You have that many times is your best friend and now I think that we know that Perry is. It is now but I send it is not there as a bias there's no bias rain. On the table and congratulations winner gets picked tickets today I Amy Schumer at Lake Tahoe outdoor arena. Okay Amy Schumer asking that the course for sure we'll give those tickets and then Aaron congratulations to Cuba it's against her I Sean Mendez and I can appreciate to listen of the show have a great day okay. And wake up call.