TALKtionary 6-18-18

Monday, June 18th

The Wake Up Call play another round of TALKtionary to give away tickets to the California State Fair and Kidz Bop:

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Yeah. Talk to him. 7661065. We have four package to concede his bop live that's July 16 and pop promote and market cal expo. Why is it includes. Four tickets for admission to the California. That same day on July 16. I it's easy to why I achieving gap and old DB description of a word you guess the word that you get a point. In most points and playing this morning I Katrina from Sacramento good morning. All right your play again this morning okay. We got this. I will play two rounds thirty seconds each teaching that you won't be able to get the timer but it's aero bank. Here we go again and federal yes all right your time starts now. Brother. Yet the we go this is how we're asking is our lives very typically ending. Yes and don't do to the media. Yes and if something is really stretch like a rubber band is. Yeah I thought. And the trial. Was a bunch of knees. And now last I am. Awards last wagon train out of luck and I am adamant in America and so I haven't got. For. Odd to meet up from bolivars to morning. Levitating this morning okay to make elegant it. Thirty seconds on the clock you will be able to get the timer but it's there are paying. Are your time starts now. That would like forced their police department and the generally bears say what department. And I'll it's like they're like cops salsa. And you. And you take the white stop you put the white sub altogether. And then you can read what somebody. Snow and did you. Yeah. Yeah. Ozone. What did you think. It should it fail well it's long. A long yen. Are important to rally at 5 PM rented DT new round you you're educating your Rio thirty seconds on the clock George I'm starts now. All. Kids get and you go to school. Pretty easy to wait for the the what does the white stuff. Know that I haven't. Beat it can make it. And well. Yeah. Yeah. And story why they won like yeah. Oh wow well yeah. And I have to. Let's see is set men know they get a three to tie it she got five or what was labeled as the one before to a stern. Large large yet she got talent yep. All right so we have to get three. You've got all four do you see now her she had seven totaled avenue that foresee it gets treated tied like Portland or. God. I can and are you ready. I'd thirty seconds times it's now this is this and that next. At the end of its tail. The. What that's all 80. My god. This picture is used to be developed. Any. A look at Tom these big sprawling. School loans that come come in the summertime. In the east. Category I. Yeah and how other ways it's. And there. You know I've only heard the tale about. You have you sort of gotten say dvd NC snakes yeah your clothes and really you're of the problem I don't wanna talk to. Anyone of you again. I can make you this morning congratulations. We four packet gets to kids bop live tickets still available July 16 at Papa Murphy's park plus catches him admission into the California state fair that same day you're gonna have a fantastic time congratulations. It. The wake up call.