TALKtionary 7-17-17

Monday, July 17th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of TALKtionary to give away tickets to Farm 2 Fork night at the Rivercats


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They can be as we have since against you fund a fourth died at the river cats we're gonna plates cautionary this is where it's like visionary but it's went worse. And they get a chance to win those so wild season. But does she moved. I Jamie for more jail good morning Jamie. Arnie and I usually play like Gavin this morning a guy. Yeah I. Let me make sure that the entire minutes of the radios 452 again yeah I'm 45 seconds on the clock. And it's you all really good summer but it's there okay Yemeni reading I'm reading our 4040 guys against and jump. This is a black and why corks. And yes slut okay what might listings and a lot made kidneys. Re pro life yes. OK if I have money and I won two buys something I have to do what with my money. Yes wow. Okay oh this is really tough luck okay back in the day. They are the video game called blank the hedgehog. Sonic yes and I'll hold on that's not the end of it and if that can't goes off and it makes it sound echoes what. Yeah. Gary if somebody had. Does a outfit you're used another word for that would be they are very. She blew and until sonic. Obama but I you can stop that buzzer went off but you got sonic one. My lady. Don't yet know skirts and price for that kid is Eric forth. Aren't let's go to you look Isaak Gina. Yet Gina from Elk Grove good morning you're playing with Katie this morning okay. Okay. Then I feel great about tennis. I've 4545. Seconds on the clock and job. The scene where you'll find Manhattan. And patent. You are a date. And I generally Paramount they make it necklace she slipped it on until I can piece of string. There's. And then we'll make up and not let us. Connect yeah I like. This move. You. And spring wins you've won around. I'm. Not. You get knocked. It just keeps a lot of plays. Well. Embrace you. I. Mean. I got you now when Iceland Iran and Syria Redding. 45 seconds and neglect. It. A big eye and golf and don't hold. Where are stars. And our owner and are planning. To. And just certainly and a hint it's just our planet. But. If you include the woman I I bet yeah. This thing isn't it he's our roads and sped him. And I. And that is really believed to be. He. Club. It. Plackemeier yet print Allen so I have to get till yes. Let's see. All right Jamie ready. I'm 45 seconds on the clock and got this is a showed that some people find entertaining with cowboys and out they'd Dave. They ride horses. And I were were cowboys right horses in dirt and people want to let. Now another another with a big they have a lot so when they Lance. Yes I'm okay. If you. What do you do not a nightmare but hey. It. Oh well this is not underneath the below that call. It's six now. Not a little amount under trees. You know Evan doesn't open. Rodeo know they ride bulls I don't know what they do a rodeo pandora out you can. Yeah I get she began to hear what Pittsburgh or. I heard entertainment business yeah. Only ever been to a rodeo him I have absolutely no idea and yes actually eat I don't look like every rodeo yeah really. Basically you come. I assure you my belts all of them have buckles that are normal sized. I mean. A lot go to the rodeos PB RU Kennedy did that's deck she's like we won Russia. You're about audio burlap. Sync yet she is let's snubbed you modernize using gamma the belt buckles. I congratulations Jamie we get your four packet to his seat take out fund report tonight at really feel about it river cats alumni fireworks after the show congratulations. Yeah. So low wake up call.