TALKtionary 8-17-16

Wednesday, August 17th

The Wake Up Call play another round of TALKtionary for passes to a private screening of the new horror movie "Don't Breathe"...


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Called dumb greed it's crazy blind man and he now and I installs once but he can't CD kills right have you seen the trailer yeah scrape it looks so good instate. Katie won't even look at the trailer no Gavin is gonna be and you can go numb Thursday night before anyone else can associate you can't. If you're a pretty scary movie go but here we're gonna play a round of talk sharing. And date Katie you're gonna play first okay you're playing first here with LaToya LaToya and Katie Katie LaToya Kenny is the rules are safe first here OK Katie what are the rules of the game. So nor does hate to carry cards and describe the words I'm here because we can't drop picks from Korea. And. Now OK okay so your birdies 2232. Rounds to see how many you get right. And round one. The time you want your round one starts with Katies first clearly you're indicating yeah I really Toya. Yes I am as Derek. Okay this is the biggest mammal on earth. Orleans. And it's in the ocean. Well it's okay. Don't hold up your peanuts. At. You know I. I. And this is what he was after breakfast like Ers practice and you that. Black. Hate this what you put your round can tell you the temperature. Look around there. I can't believe you did that well now for you guys do you know he's done during hard on that largest mammal on earth thing I did say on earth so maybe that can use her I'm Diana well. Your house. He's and I left and yeah Allison. Alex and on earth I wasn't big and water. This. Is I hey Alice. You're going to be playing talk cherry Alley Gavin. Comment if you win again you got the movies let him if not then you'll buy take it like a regular person stroke. By the way if you're out one of these two people and you still wanna go and get tickets I'm going to be at strikes on limited in Rocklin a lone tree boulevard today or. Well I'm just gonna be making it rain ticket would you say their unlimited. I would say they're bell. Hey that slide C is made you a lot yet it's okay so our timing and for our record six RB can win now in thirty seconds auction Mary starts. Now what. I make a fist and I'd punch you pick this part of my best touches your. Not yeah why this is like motorcycle that you ride in the in the winner with with frozen precipitation. It's like a motorcycle you ride on white powdery stuff. Yeah. Suicide. Guys have been strapped to their chests. Got yeah. The okay. Cool song. Am funny papers lose my neck and older the card that's a good. Finally paid but it pages their papers what are your neighbors oh. Hi my lawyer Greg clip volumes beloved Villa Sunday more and know. Remember always our. OK let the good news is you get to play our round still to auctioneer with Gavin right now they add to your score you thirty a three B Katie is for the you're not you're gonna lose right now we want to go to your neck trauma Janet are you ready yeah I'm really glad to do this year -- next 32 round round to dodge series starts. Now okay. It's not an avenue or boulevard. It's yes. That ice cream comes on this upside down triangle. Yeah. This is what I'm doing. Well yes I. OK byword tuxedo I imagine what kind of where. Yeah its. I'm all and that should blonde far I said iron sorry OK these are people who worked with blood. I damaged. Oh. Who's the answers porn stars hang time. It was his right in. There aren't how old are these car. A program that I'll and I perverse and it's a way he has had to get Ford to win and as. Here we yeah ever that important you know LeBron get damming up sevens a three wood tie and we'll figure on how to pair we get now it's cautionary on the lake and call. Okay this is what kind of all is still third and it's been around has Mears on. I would have thought I don't know okay. 08 it did not first or second adds laughter. There's first base second base there is Eric yeah it's okay yeah Google did miss. And sometimes he looks like a master over you know. And then it makes you want. Oh yeah old was laughing gas. Even if we gave it Allen which was well after the time where you would have only had six I'm so sorry you are now when LaToya but Allison and congratulations. And the answer was Disco for drag down and then hoping she wins yellow blue well it's an idea that ai congratulations go to the movie and tomorrow. With Gavin. And now what time she picked you out. Yeah I'm picking up everybody's good you know yes I am on one of those motorcycles your writing this now yeah. It's if it's frozen again this now.