TALKtionary 9-17-18

Monday, September 17th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "TALKtionary" to give away tickets to Jason Aldean or VIP tickets to City Of Trees:

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Hey toxin area. This is our Gavin and genial DB description of a word you guess the work you get the point will do two rounds thirty seconds each and up for grabs. Winner against the pick to tickets today seed Jason Howell dean in the high noon neon tour. But it goes down said Thursday September 27 that toy and into Peter all our. The pair of VIP tickets to this Saturday city entries to any team presented by Bud Light VIP tickets are sold out. Live performances from a Dez Bastille church's dirty hits blue October lovely debating and Ian Moore. Just have to win today's election here kicking it off it's going to be a minor up from stock into morning Mira. Then why any plane we Katie this morning okay. All right. Thirty seconds on the clock you'll be able to hit the timer but it's their OK. Katie are you ready for your time starts now. I girl. Content that teens will you be and that's OK and sure spur blank well. I hadn't. And the now. It wasn't me that I get. So it was dark. Knows Robert dot all our thinking it. Oh yeah so it's it's a 33 on the news middle class is rubber plastic. In congress and it's. Robert hit a record. Ridiculous. Argument is has sagged every Al. Liberal Gabriel. Guy you're playing now with Gavin this morning a guy. All right let go get it buys thirty seconds and golf spider. Butler DSY. I'll met. And the person who run the city. Yes. The way you let it sit in the tub that is called the and bring you. And sold to it. It becomes that. Bubble ball yes and you wanna see something Arlen eagle please do your eyes and popular apple. Wow. Macondo aren't around to Gavin you adding yes all right thirty seconds and jump. But there's too much water and overflow yeah like. If you if you can't single W. And I'll fit. Like you put your bedroom. When the sun goes down these little annoyed now when you keep it. Capital rush job. OK mom this is a flag that's simply to try. I eat Emma. I am. This capital Russia Moscow yes and I triangle flag yes and a pen in OK guys aren't. Buys a grand total of it's on that when Katie you need six to win the ball well. 06 to win yes. These are weak I'm good size six to win thirty seconds and go when you and well you theory on and a lot. That's what the teenage. Any and all mom yeah. Edge what that. Hadn't the next guy. Their ego gobbled. Yeah everyone knows that. Are they tag every well Gabriel. I ain't he routed him in Oregon. I. Think tape works yeah. Congratulations. I you want to dictionary today you need to pick your tickets or tickets to Jason Al Deen on September 27 or appeared to VIP tickets to this Saturday's city of trees which when you wanna go to. All the little boo boo yeah yeah he got a big congratulations. And as a consolation prize second place viral giving these tickets to Jason now means he can see him on joining Peter how can. Absolutely thinks blends auction Ares I wake up call.