Tarantula Invasion

Thursday, February 22nd

The Wake Up Call discusses the Kardashians spider invasion and Gavin thinks its the producers. 


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The idea is why it. I know we don't set the bar very high on this radio show but we don't normally talk about the part that shoots. However we did see is still worry that we. And we're throwing around as a group about Kourtney Kardashian in house is infested. With what he. Brace your sounds. Worrying she'll Latin all right. Truly is an active yeah I know here's a clip. On the big island on the night. I can't ask him how they came these raids two times. Thank you don't even know what to do because this is where I swear we're outside like 50% of the time. An anti he had exterminator come out of spring day. Now might. I can't leave ever run. Then went back to Beverly Hills this wild well let's not for me I dare go wild wildlife. One line I Gavin a little bit of an issue that's a given issue. Happening is that aren't. And three and no that is not my issue that is not my issue even remotely the card and she ends are not. On my radar. Ever for a second. Eagle with a job like this guess from your heart attacks and I'd club brain tells listening to that. Yeah yeah acting did and guess what when Katie said guys. Which which Kardashian she's Courtney Courtney Courtney. Okay according crashing in taos is infested by torrential. I mean there's part of me because like I don't wanna see color guard ashy and get abused by spiders that is what ever bedrooms algae enjoyed it. And then I went online and I watched the clip. And that's the most of keeping up with the cart bashing I have watched in probably five years six years this is my problem. Play the full clip. That's the other thing I gave you a Harry this is what led up to that moment. Only about gold they have a good it is too late mr. Briggs. Now that's cool but I liked it there and then Ellison is at left tackle well what I didn't get a nice I mean you're talking about. Abnormally Ollie do it like a white Arab bloc but lately it you know Mattel is like you live. Leg for at least a very bad. You just turn up for. I tell. Sure oh. Yeah. What picks to. Explain. Entertaining about that true. I. Did. Too small for them talking about emails and felt a pull. Or it's. Not like not let it. What a good putts I just got know what it's about. How. The burgers that shell. Spider that them TO. Doing what I do to make this show even even the tiniest bit I entertaining so I you don't. Hawaii. That's a producer for this shell rounded up a bunch featuring Angelos and kind of let them loose at bag Cortese house I just abide contest for an episode of the show I. I am saying that a it is plausible beat it I was the producer I would have done it in fees and line and I am. Eight I would've chosen something actually dangerous since two rituals are not. Sure they. Black well all that be fun at all really are actually not danger now turns overnight dangers to human beings. So there's still scary of course they're scary that's why Hollywood and. The other decades. I think that we'd kill car dash it. Little like I don't know that you GMT I'm sure the union they got a better neighborhoods right barely in union byters to. I'm saying is that why did they wouldn't really kicking up not to make the shell. Watchable and entertaining. Have a very special episode were. Which which Carter sure with this. Where were Courtney gets she stumbled into a mess to black widows and the eighth biter. And then she'd seizures in the mouth and then the crew has to run and and rest here at rescue her she is fine right but you can't how compelling is that. Compelling them I'm running away. Hold things stay shore in this are you actually pitching but she. Legitimately did bid by hand grip Blackwood they did staged on our end. It is not staged on the parent probably exactly how this wind like their rolling okay. Which crashing through my. According to senile like you guys should sit. The pool and do nothing like you normally do and we're just gonna. Or throw a monkey wrench I ended a machine and you guys just react out yeah actually I know you're pros you're pros. And then she did they see torrential as okay big what but what may be way scarier for whoever honey badger into the. Area and lower out. She stepped Britain despite her black wood because the weight did she get plague. I read that tiger does seem like he or that only rabid tiger that would be that would be thank you for kick your Lebanon SharePoint. Yeah you wake up call.