Tat Calling

Wednesday, August 29th

There is a movement of women with tattoos getting sick of men talking to them about their tattoos:

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Those ten Paris okay. German film and know. My dog steer anyone going to the bathroom it's payback. You're right woman and you have tattoos mid major input on this you can call us at 7661065. Or he can text us at 73389. There's a growing trend happening. Amongst men and women especially women that have tattoos. It's called tack calling out so it's like cat calling but instead. If you have tattoos. Men sometimes feel like they are. Invited to come talk to you and ask you questions about your tattoos that kind of opens the door to have a conversation but obviously women that have the tattoos are feeling uncomfortable about it. There's an article was posted on the Huffington Post in this cell author name is Emily mccombs point eight. I had a great waste essentially saying. It doesn't matter coming up to you and asking strange man in the Yzerman you don't know corpse coming up TO and asking you questions about your tattoos. Sometimes they make you feel uncomfortable even creepy and indeed you know these. It's getting down and sometimes. Explicitly sexual. Okay obviously obviously. There are varying degrees this is not a black and white issue don't touch somebody. If you don't know them for any reason really okay. Her. Manning. Old woman's tattoo. Is now considered. Do great eating it complementing. Its asking a bunch request. Okay. Happening. So I. He is going either. You are what actually. This time wait you are in the other direction a day why I ask a question about your tax bill. Oh you and that just because. A girl at its sleeve tattoo and the invitation. For you cannot do not about a budget question what she. Can then tell me I did tell me like oh no thank you I'm not. I don't I don't wanna talk deal. That's that's still gets a little guy great get this straight on the assumption that a war with the tattoo doesn't talk to me at Ole. Then I should always assumed that not. Ever talked to her about her taxes 766165. If you wanna call and give your opinion lots text messages in at 73389. Here's a couple month. As a woman with tattoos this is ridiculous women can stand up for themselves can always tell people well. Here's another and complementing summons tattoos acceptable to me or for your if you get a tattoo expect people look at them and ask you questions about. Tattoo over my heart for Phoebe and show what does that bird over your heart. To tell them about my daughters yeah not great and doesn't mean that everybody has appealed the same. Here's another when it's been happening for years it's creepy and really I've had people touch me and pull my close out the way we didn't get it. Just asking is just asking about the tattoo it's the sexual and you and those that are creepy a app so the super unique tech to. I am not going to talk about that it's you have a conjoined twin growing out of view this is the choice you made it. California not gonna talk about it. I only did yeah I went to the California Pizza Kitchen one time in my server had attacked you. Of that jackal goes from the movie thirteen ghosts now that is a obscure. Choice to put on your body. Actually recognized I said it's jackal from thirteen goats a movie that only you actually. All god. Yes thank you for noticing that nobody knows that kids. Pretzel. Beat Gaby you. Had two game just producer Dave just came and so I am agreeing with Katie first Laura say okay. Because I think I do think it's okay to complement somebody stats you if you do in a nice way to doesn't sound creepy obviously. But after that I think it's up to you to feel it out if they say. Oh thank you and then kind of indicate they want to discuss it further short that's OK but if they just say banks and kind of close that off spared just don't ask about it. You ball. You really want people to look at. Them land on my body I don't need questioned about them now Atlanta really OK they're definitely not the same thing you know nobody is going no he's going like. Well what was the artistic lifestyle choice that you need for us than that it's two or three. Is questions we're talking about questions about art. And your tattoos aren't final but there are but there are a lot of question the person that's about it tattoo and it never brings up anything about art. And there are plenty questioned somebody can ask about me and that's. Our did her. Why did you do. You are. I. Don't know we're not talking about plastic surgery we're talking about a tattoo something that most of the country has on their body at this point. It's ridiculous that this is ridiculous. And still going to. Ask men and women does the story behind that tattoo because most of the time. I'm willing to bet they wanna tell that story in the game I mean reading the blog posts about it as we can't.