Taylor Vs. Kanye

Monday, July 18th

The beef between Taylor Swift and Kanye West escalated last night when Kim Kardashian posted a video of Kanye getting Taylor’s permission to name her in his song “Famous”. Listen to the Wake Up Call discuss the beef:


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You need you once. Oh wait all I'm 107 now. A video came out that was really Shoppach came crashing rank and nearly shot of killers were talking to kind yanked how long ago was a famous song with the I made that pitch famous line. I don't in the sun came out I know that she addressed and it's I think of the green. Where she said there like there are people that will try to say that they made you FEMA assume people but we'll try to take away your accomplishments and of course. She's talking about kind yea and she was referencing the song. Meant that had been made his pitch famous XX or Taylor Swift and all that stuff I anyways so Kim Kardashian there releases video last night's showing the tailored did in fact talked to tiniest little hard to hear take a listen some of that here. It doesn't give you still got you still got the natural. Farmers are certainly didn't mean bears. Are you want me Taylor might still have six. Carl Weathers this one is enough. I think this is there really cool thing that. Is Taylor on tapes and go to the defense says he thinks that the lie about having says the compliment. And there's more here. I can talk about his issues. As a person. What things Sunday. You feel good I don't wanna do rapid makes people feel. I didn't think yeah. There once or does not address and all on this tape is a faggot Helena relation with the line you now I made that its famous and I didn't like stuck in that thinking and you know tellers in the clear here because that's the part she's focused on the bench she says use whatever line you think is best. It's all tongue in cheek as she kinda gives him permission to take a little creative license and is a little bit more. Possibly to his friend you know and and thanks for being myself who. Yeah. He used to tell his people headed would confirm that now. Now until as being accurate when she says Connie never called and they sent out a press release saying Yang guess what Taylor was an informant says Connie never called. I think. This really sent from beginnings and of just image and Stanton because let's break it down how what happens she gave him permission to talk matter and his son. Okay then acted really appreciative and then. After her people all white Taylor that wasn't a good idea deny deny deny. Acted offended active and then the human I need all men and in an and then now what she does he say that she's offended that she even sad that. When they asked me on the red carpet I meant to say there's no beef the jokes on you don't want and then I know that I'm gonna ever happen like Jason said. And now all all the sudden you mean the phone call didn't happen and what are the things she says they him immediately after he reads the line. Is I'm this close to over exposure. Mean soul. She doesn't he have people explain sure exactly where she is as far as like I might how to go too far how not to go too far you'll do though. But I'm just say yeah. I think fed her image is far more are calculated that we can't ever have imagined. Okay on the opposite I'll say that what this video also exposes. It's Howell calculated. Colonies images in public till. Because I think IEA comes across like such a nerd in all of this. Like well hearing him on the phone he's not this like big knotted talking like swinging guy that like always comes in the room like this blow hard he's like oh hi Taylor how Laura you'll always had an. And Alley his other what image editing you know third nick. Iron down the hole you did what you never when you say the line I made that bridge fame is that's not the same guy on the have also when he's. Buying flowers that many people. The famous this affair with inspirational post this as rappers never asked permission I mean they really shouldn't has had to hang informant yeah. The thing is about Connie is his other favorite thing is certain it. Yeah I hit it I think people kind of know about like he's I'll need to go easy that he pony he's playing he breaks stereotypes I can't answer. But that was so so why does kind of get a free pass but Taylor does because if if she's playing the character of Iman nice girl because I don't think well hoagie first let me address your first question which was like. How does Connie not look bad next. You know looks like to meet looks like two meal like tiny new Taylor a little bit lot better than we did which is a wide they'd have anti until. Just thinking is she says we never asked. We've got video proof and I never wanna be the one defending crying I mean you know I blame Kanye for most things in this world. If you wanna see the entire. Big ones in the video that was released it's like three man as long as text the word tape. TAP. To 73389. Also a link right to your phone.