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Friday, July 14th

With all the awful and negative things happening in the world, the Wake Up Call thought it would be nice to hear about the good things happening in people's lives. Listen to people call up and share something good that has happened to them recently:



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This is our new segment called tell us something good we want to call to show 7661065. I think we're just so much negativity and bad news going on in the world. We didn't like your something positive we wanna hear something good here's a story I've found. The Atlanta Hawks basketball team hosted Tinder nights at a game well back in 2015 what could go wrong now they got excellent out there. Sure people Avery and then if matched on Tinder at the game if it had been dating for two years okay. I'd even posted pics of their return to the hawks game they did it teetered night two point no. Which caught the attention of the hawk CEO. Who would then offered to pay for the wedding and walked up the couple if they ever got married. Well turns out they had a baby and the CEO is a man of his word he's gonna pay for their entire went all the so great yeah it's another if the hawks fan. It now well I mean. They got to pay their wedding we should we should call some people at the Sacramento Kings and have them do something like that I contender makes you not have enough that now had to pull out. How does not gonna say we don't have that kind of money anymore either OK this might. I don't know. Here is another story so a Stanley lost their father about twenty years ago after a battle with cancer it turns out the father had done a commercial. For Allstate insurance back in 1971. However no one in the game we had ever seen. After setting an email to all Steve and despite the commercial being almost fifty years old Allstate finally found a copy of the commercial. They send it to the man's daughter. And when they played the commercial inferred of gas at their wedding if there wasn't a dry eye in the house floors it was the first ten they heard their father's voice and twenty. Corners that. And so sweet have you ever done like located at fancy commercial like that that you're you know your legacy could live on long after all I'm. I wouldn't you want me at a fancy commercial yeah I legacy is this real life. Radio station. That's a volley. So that was the only video footage of that man that existed wells from 1971 right CC AD but they didn't find out until later than you made this commercial does no one had ever seen crying. I think he heard the first time that many I do guess there's probably a lot better than finding out like guys. Guess what. You never how grandma died well we felt something that weakened slightly hear her voice again. It is the pornographic it's tough putt well I. Played at Iowa I you know that was her passionately loved our meat market with a balanced statement. Movie and that's it for. I sell pilots should go to Tammy from Goldstein he's got some good news for us good morning. Right so something good jamming. I hug. I think yeah. I laugh at became a pain pill addict about five years ago at a registered nurse. And I'm OK Aaron we end here hey recovery program. Credible partner. It was a scary it isn't fair but very brutal league everywhere grand. I don't mean Jack bad day yet after three years any minds. Yeah that's going. Right. I. Are you there. OK either way we still have a that's big city to Chicago are we're gonna get it Michelle who's calling in from Sacramento with some good news good morning Michelle now. All right so tell us something that. Well my daughter and you haven't been able. Then. There. I think I got and I have been trying to get pregnant are over eight years and they got detention without act and even though it's gonna be. A little bit more difficult than I won't see is able to get pregnant. Fantastic. News wants that and do you think you know Graham. I'm so excited. Wow that's great do you have any great kids right now. Yeah every day. I thank you. Ask them questions and that's right but hey listen Ed thank you up for all the calls we got this morning if you wanna stop by and CS where an Elk Grove went to McDonald's on each other will be here until 10 o'clock. It's a wake up calls sat down to our oneness Exide the end. Still wake up call and use Wednesday.