Tell Us Something Good 8-11-17

Friday, August 11th

It's Friday, so the Wake Up Call wants to spread some good vibes with good news:


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Funny joy in the wake up call hive 97 today thousand dollar cash code you have three final chances to train and a thousand dollars today and eleven at two in five from 1065 the end. Heavy and it's our second call tell us something good. Lots of bad news happening in the world here but terrible stories you'll find the positive stories. And share with you a bright every Friday because it is Friday so it's by. A single shows 7661065. And I share some of the good news is happening in your life here's some stories that I found. A rescue dog defend a box of four orphaned kitten heels. As he was on a walk with his owner in Greece in an area notorious for being a dumping ground for puppies and kittens. It's the owners said. Our Eric done the dog was pulling him in the direction of the kittens once rescued. Eric on the dog became a Foster dad to kittens kissing their tiny heads and nudging them as being get the hang of their legs. All hang our legs my idea god yeah. Accuse them. And it's if they location in town that as a bump dumping ground for kittens and puppies and spent all my time I heard. Eating grease you can do that it is safe have we had that he care. But you'd you'd probably take all those those puppies and kittens home isn't leaving need that's always saving them up also yet to snuggle that edged. Hello all the same time win win win what are aired on looked into the box. And just said can I. Who soon attack and now he's just raising them to be free range kittens until it's time to heed them. Okay Oregon would not do that they are his they're now as they need to be positive positive Gavin. And so I'm just thrown out there a southwest employee became a hero after she hand delivered in missing suitcase at 3 AM to a woman who was undergoing chemotherapy. Hence for colon cancer. In the suitcase. Where important in emotional objects the woman wanted for her chemo session the next day. The airline employee understood the importance of the bad instance all of the carriers had gone home for the night. She searched the airport and delivered the bagged herself. That is incredible Super Bowl that's great especially because what I lose my bag not only does nobody. Given half. But I have to drive the sometimes hours back to the airport just to retrieve my belonging well I don't send it she. Not when hero like one album I was like I flew in to. The Charlotte. Might have been Charlotte are either Raleigh one of the jailed and then I had to drive an hour and a half to where I was vacationing. And they said because it was not a hotel. Where I was and no one could find forage. I was going to have to come back and retrieve it and guess what I did I like a dumb ass drove all the way back to retrieve it. What does that make Sudan math but it was vacation that I spend. Our out of my big gays and it on the road by myself in a rental car just screaming while god bless the southwest work Liu it's said. Eat you if you run into issues like that people don't really care about it you're probably loud. You're probably. Amazing curse words had they are saying can I know I didn't say and I probably was yes that doesn't negate the fact that you didn't do what you're supposed to. Sure sure you're polite about it how. Probably LP evil people are boring just shouldn't be in a like follow all over themselves how about next time I just say they seven pairs of underwear and there are my emotional lobbed at us. A solid tee that I need to have OK are crimes aren't islet cell is tech to Cindy hi Cindy good morning. More old tell us something good this morning. Today is my last radiation treatment for breast cancer it's also labor. How all that out how long have you been getting treatment. I love this for the different drainage treatment says only five days long but it's quite the paper on it. Rulers saying only five days like that's just nothing. I scale of one to ten how awful ones and. And I am. It's not very fine. It is not Christian and you. Stay present. Sure logo it I. It's your last and I mean and ready should probably get to a jets either album because you deserve what price. And Cindy thank you so much for calling the show have a great day okay thank you don't. Armor Randi is on for Nevis Antigua Mortimer and out. Morning tell us something good this morning. We are celebrating and Bobby. Curt and pretty anti maybe he did turn twelve. The Omar outward making and an entire cake into the carpet your feet. All of us hate that's fine isn't the background. I'm sorry you don't hear me. Talk. Let's. Yeah about memory can. You got its steam. And he's now old enough to remembers the bike battle against time mommy got drunk at the Pentagon there. Branded Jason the collar have a great day okay. Tell the therapist I just remember a lot of willing that this confessed that the that I wouldn't from my kids many times they're doing just fine just because I'm from Sacramento the mornings to CN. And Barney does something good morning. I can't you overt red dot in LA and they offered me on the hot. The all right it all. Sounds. Sounds climb. Yeah I really diets is you have to. I air act like Fred cool yeah OK yeah. Okay well we don't see Al writes. You have to download RI and the list and allies yeah absolutely committed download the 16 by the inept in front App Store and listen to us all the times when you want to tell your friends about it until lol gotta give you the UCLA about and it's fun or not that's just enjoy it not. Well. Congratulations if you have a great weekend.