Tell Us Something Good 9-22-17

Friday, September 22nd

With all the awful and negative things happening in the world, the Wake Up Call thought it would be nice to hear about the good things happening in people's lives. Listen to people call up and share something good that has happened to them recently...


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165 C and 723 on the wake up call sunny 76 today I kitty for the Waco because he's got sick today but. I'm she's due to be part of the 2017 heart block. And her team abbey which goes Dennis Saturday at Williams in part it raises money for UC Davis Children's Hospital if you want more information on how to donate you can text Hart HE a RT. 73389. Takes in data rates may apply or do you want more of a heart Lockheed that you and online dot com. It's time for our segment that we called tell us something good something positive is happening your life. And you wanna share with us sure it was Sacramento we wanted to find good news that's happening in our community were at cal expo this morning. Broadcasting live for the united ways day of caring in our part of the stuff Abbas to get to some school supplies up for local area kids. I'll buy you call us at 766106. Biden will patch you through to us out here italics felt a free to tell us something good here's a story that I found. It was one day full of good news for a woman in Canada and her six year old son Mason. Was being treated for cancer in an Alberta medical center. West jet airlines donated plane tickets to fly the rest of the family to Canada had to be with mom and Mason. Then only hours after finding out that Mason was now cancer free. A good severity donated her tickets to see Garth Brooks that night to Mason and mob. While Mason wasn't well enough to go mom made a sign saying today's my son is cancer free and ticket to the show. It caught the eye of Garth Brooks he stopped the show. Ask some questions to mom. Then took off the good Clark that he was playing signed it right there on stage for me sin in David's mom on the spot. That there's a lot of good news bad storm outside that's let's have a date one day full of great news for this mommy and a one day one day I'll let happen. That's is it emotional blow was with Garth Brooks playing can't. Yet yet to show that night that I think you always say well this was in the Alberta medical center where you are Mason was so mom was already in Alberta. And so he had there is a good severity and that felt that you know she did what she could could use the Garth Brooks ticket she was actually gonna donate them. But heard about Mason in mom and was like hey we have what should go to the show. On cell. Guard not that I like are a country music fans but I've seen a lot of articles about how Chris Brooks. Doctors shows a lot which makes. I think that he's either getting too old to perform live and he is just all you lovely. Like he did a gender reveal the first couple no audience. He helped with a wedding proposal at like if you bite ticket to a Garth Brooks show. At what point do you just go about this story's great but the agenda reveal and the wedding proposal like at what point do you just go like. About what a great story and actually I was watching this video and its unit getting the story ready yesterday. I was getting a little obstacle motion about it it's like re UK camp probably okay to so many good people of the world. I have of this story as brutal as the floodwaters were accused in a story came out of a dog. That was discovered tied to house during the flight awful low hole the dog was so overcome by the waters only your head could be seen poking out from above the surface. Well journalists that were on a boat found her jumped in the water receiver. The humane society needs to be rescued her but are on the boat to humane society checked her out deemed her healthy. But only after the they contacted the owner and he relinquished ownership are all yeah that yeah. The sheriff that was a part of the rescue adopted the dog and named her archer after the journalists that helps seekers are are. Saw I want her which which news organization that was archer I don't know that name it had demanded in local maybe the cool how has that kind of thought. Where you go. Guys we should leave the house that is the thing we're gonna have catastrophic flooding. OK before we go tie that dog that we all love so much to the house that can't even some. It's brutal I mean it that can go at it as a dog owner Eddie I have Henry might hug. You know it's like it's tough to read stories like dead people would just be light well you know beat the dog beer we gotta get out like they're. I would be crushed if something like that happen Henry at Sacramento god forbid were to ever flood again. I would expect that you would have Henry the puck on a raft while you were in the water he gives his own wraps yeah all wrapped with a wake up custom made Pug. That looks like a tuxedo but it's actually a life that's right and he's wearing it he's on the boat figures like well every round so rushed. Who led. I can't go. It's ray guy is a line of good morning radar. Tell us something good this morning. I'm glad I saved my boyfriend proposed to me independent Cinderella I didn't hear. And I got to share. I. And. Did you hear. Yeah okay. So with I'd Disneyland that's the you know what I hear from them that's right proposed to my life as well all. All of the bat and we are mostly happily married his own life and good luck charm finish. But the way it sounds riveting you're going to be mostly happily married when you get married if the pattern continues. I hope though that half a brain have a great day thanks to Colin. You broadcasting live from cal expo this morning for the united way DA of caring it's a wake up call 165 yen.