Terrible Texts

Thursday, September 21st

The Wake Up Call read some mean texts that they have recieved from our text messages:

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Yeah yeah yeah. Ace tennis on this morning we appreciate it 742 on the wake up call sunshine a high of 92 today if you want to be in the loop on everything that happens here on the wake up call before anybody else you can text WUC. The 73389. Texan battery may apply in need to be in the loop before anybody else. 65 the end all right so well. Once in awhile. We when we invite you to text into us is 739. I think 95%. Of the time positive. It's about as his people communicating with us because we love that. And there's a small percentage of sixty crap all over us sure and tell us something that we're doing wrong or how much we suck in head. Any context I've identified as much positive uplifting music as I could then because we're gonna do a thing called terrible text. These are actual text that we get at 739. Of people that just like you just rail honest and tell us how come that we suck. This is it just. Hopefully in an effort to make us feel better about ourselves. I mean sometimes it's good to just released at Purdue is gonna release sent. Ya that sound but that call when I sephardic cathartic Gaffney and I think done. Lately eat Raman. You have them. Receives. All of it almost don't quite a lot of yes okay so we may do we let you go for sure and let him. Here's the first one. Man I've tried to listen to this new guy rain but he has the personality of a lamp. We are real tax you laugh all you got this funny guy Sierra you know I was in there are other there are lied human beings on the obscenities text that read value. You hear is not that that's iPod on I ago gonna. It's hate being pushed through it she's greater were possible. It would sound like Gavin awful laugh. Cultists. Oh yeah yeah I had some things are and now omni it's from the same person let me year. Did Katie get this job. Her bullies sounds the way swallowing broken glass yells I wonder treated the same person I mean they half moon a command of English language. So by the way to. Answer your question find third Katie got the job by sleeping her way to the top. I get a couple of IDs in terrible text to be get on the wake up call. I saw a picture of brain in his face looks like a grandmother hasn't shaved all winner. It's. A little piece. I kind I like my beard even though I might be the only one on the show that does. It's just. The beard is is the good face so you just like. Okay I'm down lanky picky about not just attending your beard and wore a pin. I had a girlfriend who laughed at something to Gavin said once I broke up with her because I don't date someone was such a horrible taste huh. Okay me exclamation point prince. And and that is key out. Stop pretending it's not an act you act and I'm not I'm not an act that's not an act some good news is you're still cute I guess yeah because you're not. Think Allen who witnessed it until now and again that's what I do this much airlines. And name is spelled my name wrong this bullet REI. AGN. Wow regal right no wonder Arenas single. A process. You kids are hey why any illicit because slam unreleased Chilean writer Google it turns out. Guy. It's hard to listen because Gavin is always so angry but I'd be angry too if I had the exact same body Shrek. I. Hala the glad now. And that's next Sunday is probably like Abe read that he pulled tweet that's ever men's and Aristide tax and just said. Katie. Is a pretty little idiot pretty a little idiot app would barely negative. You called an idiot another new questions I know I don't know there's there's more compliment than there is an insult. Yeah there's really. To me today I mean pat you on the ground yeah. Yes and even a ballot yeah. Let's you. One lead tech senior your nasty feelings listening to right I had 73389. In. Oh yeah how good the I ran insults right we reward bad behavior just tell us how you feel.