They Actually Believe

Thursday, December 28th

The Wake Up Call work with someone who believes in a lot of crazy things like aliens built the pyramids:


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That's why can't she write a 7661065. Or you can text dust and 73389. I have refrained. Who actually believes the buoyant. Would like to hear your response is we put this over on FaceBook to get some really good response is how we actually get on this subject we word whether girl god bless their. She's wonderful and she do it that we clamor for all intense. And purposes she is great. We found out that she believes some crazy stuff I mean there were 30. Stay right and I don't just mean that she's a began its top. She believes things such as 9/11 was an inside job ranked yeah she believes in the illuminati and I she's. Not a 100% to shore but pretty sure. That the government can control the weather Obama. What now this is someone you would need. Add the million. Or expect as patent she believes that the pyramids were built by aliens Taliban and she is very confident on that one right right I mean what you even say that. But she's so it really casually and she's pretty sure The Beatles never existence. It's okay yeah can't you as someone who believe that there are only three Spice Girls I do not want even hear that from that. Easily provable it actually is an aspirin to come to the studio pay Spice Girls. This so called actually you what do latest conspiracy theory to rest all. All five of you and shell out in this studio and I'll never speak to that again will see they shallow. But what if only three show up I had an Irish actor and let what if a low balled that three of us are here but dude I didn't pay any medium to break it could show. There. German I bad. He has an upset stomach ironically I'm I'd sell I have a friend who actually believes blank what do you have from out of FaceBook. These are. And I just wanna tell everybody these are not what wake up call listeners believe this is what their friends Bluetooth a day. That guy has a friend who believes that the dishwasher fills all the way up with water and if you open it hold threatening you'll flooded. I didn't do. Believe that the Ronald McDonald house exists because originally bats were Ronald McDonald left. Kyle the balloon guy has a friend the believed that Kim trail technology. Could have put all the wildfires. But and they also believe that the government controls the weather is well Lotta people blew. The government controls whether you're chem trail is no idea now that when you see a plane up in the air act like a long smoke think a lot of people think that's to no good. Well that's doing something right Erica believes that opera. Wrought iron is spelled ROT. Yeah. And that barbed wire is called Bob why. Bobble right. Lot of people believe mermaids are real. A lot not an argument that you should. Leslie says that when I lived in Ohio I really got into an argument with people who didn't believe a tornado could go up when hell. I. Look I simply. Like like like it's an old car from the forty you have to them and of course aren't going to be all the tornado's going out. Rolled back down I thought I hit again. And third yeah yeah. She's any embryo. It says some big and conspiracy theories and I actually think the wild pilot fires were set by the government to have us turn the other way. From the biggest investigation. And I say who this person that has begun mill get mad at me. I don't someone who could got light pretty mountains are earnest when he was younger guy she'd. Ultimately sentenced. He could not turn out so is ours as a child because he was born in New Jersey her. Here we are in agreement well. To move to more Christina believes that Smart water while actually make you smarter. Well did Ashley doesn't believe Helen Keller was a real person. You wake up call.