Tognotti's Marquee

Monday, March 27th

Listen to The Wake Up Call share their gratitude to Tognotti's:


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So this is actually pretty cool I thank the folks at Tognoni use. Our bodies auto truck import world why are we thanking them this morning because. Last week I it was one of those things that we didn't plan we just kind of like hey. Did you hear billboards got taken down. Somebody said yet it stinks because we're still trying to get the message out that the end in the wake up call moved to one a 65. And a good job not a great shall we asked for some help jokingly hey Kevin Markey. A sign in your building him anyway. The put it out saying a wake up calls no 1065 the and is a 1065. We threw it out there Katie dense and we'll give you free 32 commercial I don't get used terms like I. Yeah and we sat there and waited and it was just kind of funny in the moment and not much happened for just being honest or however. Over the weekend we get a picture sent in. From Todd not east auto truck import world you could see it. We can text the word sign SI GN 73389 text generates may apply. See what they did. That is super cool that they did that for us it really is which is why we are proud to sing their new Jindal KD Gavin play to agree tell. And yeah. Don't work where. I'd go for all by truck to me that's no all. I mean whenever I want rim and ammo I go to Tognoni don't think it's in the get a cell and home on the web there right now. I'm taking a Burge ruled pour. Model city of Tampa and sick of being told the tailored cables spiral pro ignition wires said he's out of Scott yeah knotted the Chinese know. They've got everything you've ever wanted like he did you know it's. Truck part has not baby strollers or have you ever would said. I wondered they have the marquee promoting my favorite morning radio show and they have well they don't they have Markey from. This radio show up but when we do have a lot of missing us on pet care signs videos and dvds and they've really had a lot of things. Physically both but all our all and so why don't you go tell it to. And we. Okay batter was better right. I am yeah Audi so that's I mean when you get if you have a sign remark here anyway to put out the wake up call or the anger about wake up call from the end. Are now on 1065. Getting to us you could just put our social media FaceBook as you didn't think you know some many you tell them to put it out by an ID you can email two WUC. Wake up call. At end END online dot com walking ads and online dot com send us the pictures now as we get these and if we get anymore. I don't know the Wii well. Maybe tiger got these are bus I don't know at this point. We get more we will definitely give you more free and jingles and stuff. Business owners guess let. If you if not more people you know and words is gonna again. Haven't I write about it and I'm not you know the dealer boy does he get one and don't have. I. I think he's changing the rules so we'll also be looking you take the wake up call in the end of moved 1065 there are also now hiring a new girl for not. Well. I yeah. No way to go call one. I'm B and.