Trivial Things We Are Thankful For

Wednesday, November 22nd

The Wake Up Call ask listeners what trivial things they are thankful for:


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6:9 PM Gavin. Oh boy got all right so cost it 766165. Or you can text does a 73389. Some trivial things that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving we know everyone is thankful for family we know everyone's thankful for friends we know everyone's thankful for their health. But there are some things so trivial things. We are pretty thankful for the Wii connect your overlooks a lot they get overlooked a lot. 7661065. If you and China and you'd best put this up on FaceBook right what is your responses I got that so many she assuming you but. Let's all around us first though okay burst halt I would say I am very thankful for the second season the stranger things it is. Great I thought at the and a stranger things one don't do a sequel. It was perfect just go out but they still had more story to tell they get now and it was really good. I'll be thankful for our. Neighborliness dream Matt moos. Foundation and OK because it goes on as a liquid but then looks like a powder her. And it's kind of like go to for awhile now it's just you know little I don't know led down yeah that's a good point. What we would do. No that's coming or the name tag if you can yeah. The island different brain what do you look trivial thing are you thankful for I'm thankful that they made it through all of house of cards before Kevin Spacey he the only Canadian thirty yeah. Figured out what the worst person in the oral bright red because it's in really good show alone and it's I know loan is really entertaining to I guess earned that we're all being energy and I am monster. I wanna throw another. On their because there's there's somebody walking the halls right now with armed star Brad for Mittal masks on and I'm thankful for that. That is they need need to get out there and try won the port of port all gone and that's one of the tasty things that are grabbed a. And we got so many great responses on face back moved. Amy you lose my favorite. She is thankful for Netflix. Lift him it Amazon prime lint rollers. And resting that's face yeah Scalia. I think I'm thankful for all that aspect Kelly and I think we'll first start next target mash care act. And head go to work so just imagine here Diebold suing or breathing. It is not that I can relate to that pet. Pretty true. It did and that. And Heather is thankful for our slippers Ian YouTube Cindy is thankful for cinnamon rolls and no downloads. If that is thankful for homemade Mac and she'd timid thankful Barbara curry and don't get cabin started on Craig is the only thing. Haven't is dangled for her star Brad sat because she does down like. Sit in Latin. I am thankful that you are able to go to the airport in the rules have everything in life go out the window you get them a beer at 7 AM oh yeah. My and so you can go into GM has or pain at all. Crappy T shirt no one's gonna look at you funny because everyone's strip. It's the same way because everyone wants to be comfortable on an airplane. Elbow and it basically the homeless shelter in the sky but that's kind of what people think that the ball didn't feel good. Don't be different and I know that men like Barry leg what is Dublin airport let. Even light trading shot Renee at 7 AM. I'm sure it's something did you have different time zones like there's some people that would be dinnertime. Do you like flying out of Sacramento on your rug back rent or your idea. It just seems right ear yeah let's move by. And Gavin did you catch that might be drinking Chardonnay at 7 AM which could be someone's dinnertime could be what. At 7 AM. Did you apply internationally internationally. Only lightly armed. Everything they eat all day and all night no doubt the face similar to tell us something else American. I am thankful her on the pull plastic clips that come on loaves of bread because growing up I used Albie twist ties yeah. That's sitting asked seconds. And I and those seconds you've he got out new kick in the back and they add up. People all our used appliances on Greg's plans. Because they. It is they are really cheap way to make it look like you are really up on the new appliance treading yes when really need. I just I do not pay that much for new home yeah. I'm thankful for Sox gets overlooked an awful lot by people half. Just think about what this will would be like without sock. I'm not think full when your socks slide junior footnote secretive and yeah they're like well I'm doing Boeing's Sox are like on 100%. Full socks yes you. That for festive as when we air our agreements are out and I'm just saying I'm thankful. The rain has started wearing. I am thankful for that tell because it's. It's changing our mood. Mean Gammons it is it is giving up. Our show a bit more of a professional. Ball and should I back east. Respect. People are respecting new and I'm thankful for that you don't look as mostly you're wearing an adult diaper and I can get battered the very real. Or you're say eight. No yes and I will say that because of the leather I am now thankful and I'm wearing pants or. Whose son is certain until big burrowed a bowl I want. And as happens but do not ever called them adult died. Ever again to be fair she said it just looked like you were wearing adult diapers so did fine. Grown ups type. I I the end. Oh.