truth or Pair

Monday, November 20th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Name That Tune" to give away tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra:


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16 idea. And raid it's the wake up call. Time to play truth are fair. It's easy to play. 7661065. You come up with a question in the that if we refused to answer the question we did you hurt tickets that's what's called truth or better equipped to answer honestly until. Can just make up some. Some dancer that. Just to get on to the next question no no no no no no we have to be honest and up for grabs tickets for the train Siberian orchestra I believe is their third road super GSL now and the golden one sinner you'll feel the flames on December 1. Cause of 7661065. In the other big question. I'll start with Laura from Auburn good morning Laura come Martins. Are your question is for me. It in okay go ahead. Have you ever shoplift. The rule. I have no it's real. I know at this bearded makes it look like a serial killer but I have not committed any sort of shoplifting a crime actually you know. All. Is that because you just haven't had the opportunity think you've never found yourself in a Louis Vuitton store in China or something like god yeah I'd never had an opportunity to meet nobody owns or in China. I'll tell Laura thinks the question appreciate it. Did you have minutes. Never steal and still are armed person I only sealed for more. I shop lifted ice to shoplift. Pornography from the local hallmark well. From not bleed from the lawyer Kirk yeah from hallmark back when hallmark had porn. Yeah. I didn't know that they had that adult section in the magazines. Okay loud boom and I didn't know I know there are rulings of the Nixon yeah I'm Nicole's son from Sacramento the morning call. Are your questions for Katie go ahead. I'm Katie if you had here has that Mary ER still. Out there are. It'd be cabin rain and and I'm tired and. That it. A fool me. Zacks Mary tell us to realize. Arms folded and well. I can't tell you die and kill Kevin. Other tool alternative and doing him a month. Some say sure I'll miss him we'll all miss them are beat all of our god sakes. Mary rain. It's yeah. Don't complimented calving and I'll tell you hey wait wait wait. I okay. I'll tell you do you are sex. Let me say Mary rain because he's so super sweet home and I always say he's gonna make a good husband to begin ever find them be them love them. Do you like sex for EL and it's not a compliment for yell. I feel like we've known each other bursts so long and we know each other so well but I would not okay Eric in these sob I hit Houston. It's funny I Jason call. Let's see amber from Citrus Heights good morning. Born in your questions for me. Yeah okay so happy you and her. Puck out what they random listener do you Al. All. I usually don't like yes or no question but that's a good and dividends Lee enthusiasts. Especially back in the game when I was like do in the night's show and a news Honolulu on. Is like and are the club and leg Katie would your name finger yen's rise in out of this season would easily the most are now. When that's the question yeah I twice and dare I say yeah it's our probably our. And I are playing true third pair on the wake up call in. Is it ten. Yeah you can't really talk rock and good morning your questions for Gavin. It is. Go ahead and every inning or. Donate how much money do you make fees or taxes. Oh rule I would also like to know the answer boom. Carried herself compared figure. I'd pay tickets trans Siberian orchestra at the golden ones that are tickets still available at like nation dot com. And these are third row tickets canning you're gonna don't have a great time congratulations. You know 106 idea and.