Truth Or Pair 8-13-18

Monday, August 13th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Truth Or Pair" for tickets to see Charlie Puth: 

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What is exciting the end it's the only way I got a call GAAP I was always told the kids don't touch your judgment. Pain in the near her name you listen you say I don't know only tickle once I took his word for filling up. Trying to put one of our favorite games switch that is a very subjective sentence it's called truth or pair. This ring call us up at 7661065. You could ask us any question that you want. The better the question the better the odds of you winning a pair of tickets that's what we call troop to repair. And today we have compared to get to see Charlie proof that Haley Steinfeld. On this Friday night at shoreline is that Peter we just have to refuse. To answer your question to that would just mean that your question is that good. 7661065. If you think you have a great question we're gonna started off with our third this morning to. Arthur. Hey good morning guys outdoor things real. Or just break are your questions for Katie go ahead. You bet what. Europe bound members who would it be like yeah I'll Y guy. Why well. If you can not and if you OK so weights and if you can have sex with any didn't remember who would you have sex with. The legal. Com you are Berber question and there's that. And here's what I like about this question. Doesn't matter what you say here. They're not any other answer in the which result in a very awkward situation. Or you can not answer it and we can all assume that it's just because you don't wanna hurt the feelings of the family members that you wouldn't have sex well. My point that brother met up. I'll. Disney doesn't even show photos and that's why did and he obviously probably the usually with Vietnam a bit out of the people and Juno and the island him and I very. But that's not the member. All right actually good morning. By your question for me go ahead. You play ball like John. Why why so don't like the guy at the funny hair line. Troops prepare we really should warn parents. Turn off the yeah. Oh my goodness are. You worried Waldo thank god for that. On but the lack of late but it. It thinking of the last time I I lies. Didn't see that you are bound to create on the show that I don't know why I thought it I got it I got a. We're not done well. Oh my goodness now I mean the last time a okayed that. Black is thinking of the last time that I pleased myself how to breathe group. My anger. Yesterday. Yeah. I was very pleased that added up to wrap last night and I was thinking about how did the chicken and the rice is gonna taste. That that you I was very pleased I was very please let's ask you thought it. Out now that's what he adds I. I. Olmstead. You bunt on the outlined. I guess I guess it's all in the in the structure of the questioning and Julio war 7661065. This is up Markey good morning marquee. I your questions for meat go ahead. And I. I and are the pop pop pop rock solid kind of Porter and you shouldn't let the regular born bred and what do you think John. That missionary adds that. A glorious night. Unintended. I wonder sexy saxophones in the background okay well I. Buying high you're born. Lorraine in. Of tough bug I would. The weird questions today I really wish we would have given these tickets away by now that's I'm and 766165. I Josh good morning. A more wary eyes for Cheney go ahead. Katie out of all the guys what you work where. Who you bring current the largest base. Oh my god the Clinton you read out. Well. Yeah. Yeah yeah we all these now. I while Josh good job a great question. Paired tickets Charley with that Haley Steinfeld a Friday night at shoreline you're gonna go and no one's gonna though. Who'd Katie king says the largest male appendage MCI don't want it out I mean we all know what's cabinet. Doesn't tell everyday. Society hedstrom.