Truth Or Pair 8-20-18

Monday, August 20th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Truth Or Pair" to give away tickets to see Sam Smith 

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This is by the end. All. A guy who likes to know what time. Eastern so tightly. Time to play one of our favorite game is called truth all pet hair out of their game. Ruled freezing I got to do is ask us a question that we refuse to answer if you do if you have a great question. Call us up at 7661065. If we don't answer pier tickets to see CM Smith in the thrill little tour. It's Friday night at the golden one senator. Does that to ask a really good question 7661065. Guys ready. I. I'm gonna start. Our third morning Arthur. The gap but why isn't the worst thing ever I don't look like that ever it was you bet it who. Those are the worst. Thing I've ever done to a loved one that they never found out I did it yes. Okay. Is that how. Many include one of my best friends on the that's not Katie bell right here. Om and democracy. Which one of my best friend that lives how years as bill and that went out anybody ahead. He had a girlfriend. At the time. That I really liked him. And I sent her an anonymous email winds. Saying that he did not like her anymore. And that. He was going to dump her. Which was sure oh okay. But I gave her a heads up about 81. That felt bad for her butt 20 is that valid. What is sneak and now buy out I was high school Gavin yeah I assume I'm that I have a girlfriend at the time yesterday. One hospital and he needs. I'm not sure about my that your design amateur Arthur Arafat's order tickets. Banks are there have a great day Debbie good morning. Moaning I did your questions go ahead. Hey I'm area so I'm saying you can't get a much ice into wet would be the one age you could someone. On the body. I thicker accent ideal so well so they're licking licking them. I don't let you someone. I'm missing the arm that really home now. Needed today. And places to be Roger himself oh my god I'm. Aren't there and just fate but there's nothing good about an arm pit especially enemy hands are pick that is hair that's true no loan. She's got an. Again long hair. For what it is so well does your mom writes I thought ma based Debbie have a great day. Hi Dominic morning. Good morning your questions for me go ahead and. It is I wanna know. How many times you have lied directly to your father. I I'll always and your dad as your best for. My. They're really close I mean it seem like too much to say like in your entire life can we say in the last year. Time last year we can I haven't liked him about anything. Those ugly I'm pretty open with salmon you know we text every day I'll get the blast like you told your own that. Yen I had a must've been in school must have been about like. I'd got all can't remember I got kicked off the bus. He had 111 of the many times idea geeky Duff and shoot your eye. I know that got kicked off the bus put me at times and one of the reasons legged tick up the bus said the guy de preferred it to somebody outs and it probably was really my fault. Yeah I mean I don't why I don't like my idea you can't Asian stars are not as boring rounds. Jessica good morning. And I Jessica tiger questions for Katie go ahead. Katie scooter don't. Do you Friday. The old girl. What do you just tell me don't. Yeah just how. Did you get to see and yeah. She'll loves Charlie truth and I tell you something right now actually seems Smith but since right since. Charlie brute. And I tell you this right now if you don't pick my bugger. I haven't spent. Question it's. Not talking about it. Below both pot. That you can and do. It. And other. Would the idea up Jessica great question fragile students. Really fifteen. You win my bugger. I'd I'd never permanent and not to argue about that but Obama. OK Jessica got I for having a great question today untrue prepare pair of tickets to see Sam Smith in the thrilled at all tour it's this Friday night at the golden one senator thinks a live nation and it tickets available live nation dot com. Congratulations we'll see at the show. You guys. Next on the way.