TSM's Run at Disneyland

Wednesday, August 31st

Producer Tall Skinny Matt is participating in the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend this weekend and, despite being poor, he spent A LOT of money on it! Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about whether or not TSM is bad with money...


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When we talk about your wonderful and yelling and there's a Boston man top story. No we we've just scratched the surface Jason the man is broke we pay him nothing here to New Hampshire that is not our. Are called that's that that's management's call they they use only your bird see the brand that's that's then those the people who know you work here I want you so what are you how much money you about the spender. Do we start off with the number and each time. It costs total when you're you're gonna spend 125 dollars line a race at Disneyland this weekend right of course as an official race of the Disneyland half marathon weekend I'm doing the ten K this Saturday have maravent simply. Incidents so I'm poor so already what did you not afford the full marathon runners and only have parent and let's go to is OK okay. And America are more it's like 208 hole Saturday not been OK still. 45 dollars to run six miles through Disneyland just seems like an awful lot of money right off the bat he finally won for a bucket list item basis a dream come true they have marathon is when thirteen miles an app if you don't have half marathon record a marathon he's just a bigoted it's not like a proper fraction of America that's throwing it out there it. Are performed so anyway it's abusing order after they don't really mean it's just a suggestion that side into. That's weird okay so does that come of the mission to the park and and I know now I didn't go. 25 dollars just to run six miles through the park. And then Matt goes and we didn't even get to the out on and this is where we stop talking and just said turn the microphone on Jason married this is where makes the most sense. So I'm doing this again bucket list item dreams come true of course Disney and solid okay pay for this race inside and out. And then they go do you wanna commemorative pin you know. Okay yeah add that to the cars oh boy do you want oh commemorative pat me. And yes add that to the car. Do you want to you think they're just being generous act like hey here you know funny here's some stuff he knew you're paying for this I was adding it's in the cart out of respect and just in. T shirt or die. Saw it doesn't all wasn't this sure is sure until. Doesn't come at the sugar or not I don't know I don't I didn't see the list all my god okay. Tumblr yeah students. And performance jacket come yeah. Suburbs all right senator Pryor like ninety dollars by itself does not have it looks OK and before that their mark up yeah your parents though. And so I go okay and check out. What was your original cost to just the ticket that is went Favre went we've I've 300 dollars later. Yeah aren't they have been worth all. I think yeah that's exactly five dollars worth the extra is now just. Extra it's a lovely yeah that will commemorate an awesome thing he'd had not very good. How old are you going to Wear the hat the shirt the jacket. Although I am cancer won't probably hit the hat with somebody because I like hats and little. It's somewhat it take get. Yeah so anyone argue will be nice and you look. She's really on the list. Matt here's how I feel of these things. And I'd be fine spend this kind of money for all that stuff with the run included but for me to be more like these this souvenirs I want outpatient and three dollars runs in the park combined information. Again I. I don't get the medal. It lets you figures we re just metal hit the middle. But I tell you about this right now I listened it wasn't on his list of things he paid for equipment cart that it's not. Aren't on my back. And heat feel good idea about like just wearing stuff that said you did a race you sure you're. You're about except I had a whole game and rod and I will tell everybody what I Wear this hasn't earned my knee but it was heard about my friend tall skinny match and go why are you wearing an inning nine car is he dead did not know he just doesn't like wearing. Then why did you buy it this is how many homes they give a good he is covered vision but good solid got to know every time you. IMac so in support of that thank you you're welcome go boy doesn't have any money you know what he's got. Dreams and apparently he spends it money freely on those dreams that's why you know money can you do some I guess how much would this jacket help your performance or is it just performance in name only a good aware it was my medal throughout the park. You don't win any didn't tell you complete and Graceland you're curious that was you don't have taken so again this night. You sweaty guy please exit the park now you're the tickets Eleanor have you thought about running this through the park and you think your father running in the just quickly diving into a pattern and it's been like I'm in a thought beverage up finish to get the battle that. Well I mean these guys something so OK so since you're gonna spend 300 dollars are spent it okay. What are you not going to do now that you don't have any money I mean I'm not eating as much room about why demonstrate you're. That's only. God training is that their training is it a necessity or coincidence it works out okay. And.