Turkey Kevin At Raley's

Wednesday, November 22nd

Kevin will be out at Raleys on Howe and Fair Oaks dressed as a turkey to tell listeners how thankful we are for our listeners:


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Six idea. And rainy it's a way to get the answer to your good morning in certain Kevin remind me. In all right it's the day before Thanksgiving. We had a great idea for you know what is it you out into the streets of Sacramento. Lose. Not only send you out one is saying you out in costume. What kind of cost you a jerky guy. Turkey costumed man. Why they hear is so I can say gobbled I don't look you need me excuse you've never needed it it's your right now I'm a guy. Is order and you were gonna Syngenta the Israelis and Fair Oaks and how starting at 7 AM dressed as a Turkey. We wanna encourage wake up call listeners to stop by and say Heidi intern Kevin take pictures with them but more importantly than that. We want to talk to wake up call listeners in give thanks. We want you to thank them for listening to wake up call. I already do every day every hour. In person and say to their face up went the eye contact. Going to be art Turkey ambassador. The ambassador. Of Turkey should seek expanded. And you're going to represent this show and we want you to tell listeners how thankful. You we all are all of them for listening to the show. And Eddie income for these listeners. We wouldn't be able to have this job and you know we would end be able to support your family right. We would not be labeled still ask giving. Yeah no kidding Kevin would be would become a sex worker yeah. It's heaven don't we sex worker yeah. Backlog thanks Fred tell them I'm not nasty. Exactly right and that's what you're doing and he would be very high price REIT and would god and you the market is high right now getting your dog for a lot of money you tell. They make more money as a sex worker than on the show yeah. In this switch over and I love Simon Donna that nobody is shouting you know I'm saying maybe you should I anyway they. My points. Tell them how thankful we are end. Then I want them to tell you what they are thankful for now I mean I'm not obviously not ask no I wanna hear what wake up call listeners are thankful for an ally and their families their jobs there there health stuff like that blood president Donald Trump sure why you know what ever they want. What surprises out there you can put a 106 I stickers on cars. On by I think it's really about going out to the release bad Fair Oaks and now. Seeing intern Kevin dress is a Turkey get your get your picture for your Graham yeah. Log onto the hill and gobble as much you want him to terror happily actually it because if he does in then will we ease forced to become a sex workers formula that to happen sell Yahoo! we don't want that now that I know he is I don't gobble louder than. Turkeys gobble provides intern Kevin is heading adds there really is it Fair Oaks and how you'll be out there from 7 to 9 this morning. So anybody can they know from Sudan people's schedules a little crazy because it's the day before Thanksgiving. But if you're in the area or if you're on your way to work or maybe it was short date today stop I insanity intern Kevin let me answer how things all we are we are very thankful. We are thankful that you guys made us the guide the best morning drive radio show in Sacramento magazine in the best of Sacramento and I dare thankful that Kevin this. Especially earlier earlier. Yes I would never become one well we have not seen the ratings for this and on wall that. Does Strauss writes I so railways on the corner Fair Oaks and now go stop by and see intern Kevin the ambassador of Turkey this. I. Know.