Turkey Kevin At Raley's Part 2

Wednesday, November 22nd

The Wake Up Call check on Turkey Kevin to see how it is going:


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Still wake up call. 065 the end in certain Kevin's maligned the morning in turn can end. Got money and we set up in certain Kevin as the ambassador of Turkey dressed as a Turkey. And there really is it Fair Oaks and now has gone up there. Great days really cold. So yeah I'd certainly colds. Are you limited to Eason writes you're inside another animal how much more. And need to be the Hans solo and I am empire wind kinda ended that weird saying yes you can't stomach doubling getting the time yeah. All solid years nerds star shines Mariah hit. I six or give way aren't you wearing clothes underneath your shirt he. Constantly I'm so called freebie a double byte it's crazy guys are freezing I don't like it's winter. Let's I wanna make fun of them for saying well free easy and also it's almost winter but one he's. Right it's almost winter night and I like the word freezing Emmy back I wanna use it. Are you with anybody there answering Kevin outlined how scary what this seat here. He's so excited at the group we all read the names down years I think. And we parties and we'll talk to carry the name. Good morning. Yeah. And seat. Super. Good morning how are you happy Thanksgiving. It a happy thing getting warm are you like to read a word our you're on your Wade's Bailey's what are you doing today at one really don't hurt and I heard that Kevin you're right about art and oh. You carry with a CEM. I wouldn't eat it every morning Ellen yeah hey thank you. That's why we're thankful that's why we sent him he's the ambassador of Turkey but 'cause he's just visit Turkey and he's our ambassador. Al what he's like eight. What did he say eighty EO when you walk down the this is very important. He just said good morning and he gave me a big huh. The Kevin Conway and that's. What it's what we want him to do is we want him to make sure that. All of our listeners know how thankful we are. All of you guys. Since that's coming home any. Yes OK I'll I don't know pain so what are you thankful for. I think bumper might be antley and my friends and my. Got. Sick something's. That isn't one of those three things because they think everybody's thankful for those three things. I'm thankful order. Let me give you start yeah. Yeah I mean. And thankful for pumpkin spice latte it's all okay yeah I. And I am thankful for injustice to that video game is Dell OK I am thankful far. All of the real housewives franchise the issue are also anthems all the kingdoms and the show idea. Under appreciated show below deck yes. I mean I am thankful her recent peanut butter cups I don't know because Korea sees the go ahead and the end is in the fact that the Los Angeles Dodgers did not win the world. Can you. Tell us something trivial that you are thankful for. I think both art that group and that's where I am a so all whether I love them all at. He's the. It's fantastic. Well good thank you so much for stopping by did you take a picture with Turkey Kevin. Hey it didn't think it'll be the last evidence we have before we could come up. By the way we are drawing straws to see who gets to stop them that's all I went. You win and you what it. He's got a good down that's why we're gonna do we're gonna let the dogs. I can't do they ever tell haven't murdered shot the men haven't. Not end. Carrey did not want to show up. Well I'm. I'm debatable. I Gerri have an amazing Thanksgiving thank you so much at the seams in the wake of color really appreciate it thank you so.