Unexpected Fainting Stories

Friday, November 3rd

Wendy Williams passed out and the Wake Up Call talk about other people's fainting stories


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We're. Her wake up call a Friday at age 21 cloudy and 61 tickets to the Disneyland resort coming back on Thursday that 1065 the end. Tech sort Disney the 73389. And lidge got the details on how to win the most Disneyland tickets happen right here on what a 65 BS. Think IBM's. Did you or someone else pass outs. You can texas' 73389. This is scary situation for Wendy Williams all boy she passed out on live TV. Often thought that's when you wouldn't be here so it was a lot of fun let's get started. Our first tour as well correct. Quote both both. You know Laura she'd deal with the problem around or I got really begging and Paramount and turn into the I got well I got opened up I got. Oh god sent Saturday. And in India. Ended she starts like trying to keep her balance but by doing it. She seemed kind of search walking back or she's so big. If she's six feet taller so yeah she came in here one guy who looked like a baby next to the job. And then she just dropped to the crack had never passed out and the ice. I'd like Pascal once and I don't really remember it. But. The situation. I got hit I got punched a hole wow quiet calm but I've seen miss any people I've got one kid. Bear off the name right he passed out in fact that class in high school when the when they forced us to watch the video mobile woman giving birth. No matter megrahi was sitting in front of me. It was one of those graphic one I. Well there was it was the dead on shot rang and the baby's coming out and I remember watching bared his wobbling back and forth like this in his seat like kind of like a teeter Trotter. And they just went boom didn't go down on the the guys went down on the side. On the ground and my. Marty two story on the show. I was flying across the country when I was living in Indiana. And IE was sitting in my seat in all of a sudden like it started sweating really bad. And I big plane started to spin it in I was Catholic I was gonna throw ups what he did was is I got academy seat and I was walking toward the bathroom in the front of the plane. And I ate the last thing I remember as a go to reach for the handle in the night wake up and there's a flight attendants above me asking if I'm OK so I must give. Passed out as I was going for the bathroom it did it happened again a couple of months later in the same thing happened to Dave felt it coming on again so I stayed in my seats and I passed Eddie lacy and I came to you and have played in a walk by look at Surrey UK because I was just I was sweating badly. Then it happened again and now hey I finally figured it out. It was because I was taking drama mean for the most dishonest because I get bare emotions and on our flights I'd rather just you know pass out and just fall asleep and you know. As opposed to pass out to be passed hours. Exactly exactly come to find out if you mix alcohol with that stuff that's exactly what happens doctor rain has. Come to the conclusion you. Love that right away like what if I think any prescription like there was one time that I was flying and I'm not nervous flier or getting used to be nervous flier but then for some reason after Phoebe died now on the nervous flyer I get nervous a lot flight took an anti anxiety medication on a flight he and that freaked me out in the side effects but just got a load like whenever I pop a pill. I'm always like on edge that there's gonna be inside a bag you didn't think collect an immigrants have to worry about a side effect I problem L. What are you take other people's build a tough first thing I said it avoided Dennett when I woke up apple while it was on the ground was she said are you OK you fainted I was like. I fainted I tell you fated crew say yeah. A backup of I did enjoy this track and Elaine bushy pretty don't remember how because that's a true love story tank now ads like came through any Angel wasn't but. Yeah I did these are some odd comments that we got from berm wake up call listeners when I asked where did you faint pull some of these stories Amelie said. I've been given dozens of places. I think it did their hair salon I think it'd church lawyers at the sunrise mall she does I even they admitted the hospital. The that are. She's. He has one person and the crazy Islam was in high school and biology class I sat in the front row and my teacher didn't even notice I. Britney's dad that I faded into ball fly at a restaurant. I mean that's Pittsburgh laugh yeah how they they brought in a stretcher into other restaurants. She was fine and they decided to take the food to go and she also says that she fainted into little Lego castle of the toy store. That would devastate me and Aaron have no sympathy for you wow. Our Johnny said when she was seven months pregnant which is that's not really scary. She passed out at a high school graduation because of the heat it was outside and she said all that she didn't remember anything. Other than 600 its graduating seniors all we're standing on the stage very concerned looking at her hall is Brooke said she passed out of the Renaissance fair because her bond this was a little too tight back here. I'll probably the biggest concern and a random blogs. Air base said that they had the taker in the medical ten to where where she was given a tasty meat pie. Wake up call. My locker said Twitter commotion yesterday it was what did you do you like your last day of the job as you were leaving. Call 7661065. Employee can text us at 7389. With your stories appropriating it in his next at age forty why. And I think I'd be an. How different can. Instead they're dizzy gamble. Hey Justin. I'm just Joseph June 2. Kris K. That's your low.