Veggie Tick

Wednesday, June 20th


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165 PM dressing Dave is in your boarding British again good morning so I producer gives. A little upset. It does it actually takes a lot to get producer gave upset as grass hero he is very much you very. Happy very bouncy kind of guy where he's always sees the positive in people but I didn't see that about you know he thinks yeah he discovered something that. Has kind of made him a little man. I found out. That ticks. You know. I'm proud of you and I'll yeah are biting people today not you know lose and and making them allergic to red meats. Way may. The tickets biting people and making people urged to read me Bremer and the reaction to the tick bite and their body why does that make you say you think it. I love our beat him because. It. It removes them moment in your life when you choose. To be a vegetarian are begin. I'll start taking a moment away so you use wanna read me how can I just can't stop and I can I got it OK I'm. I say something I didn't. You dig however you want okay. Are you begin because. You truly love animals and you don't want them abused or killed for food. Or are you begin. Because you want the pat on the back that you made that sacrifice. Is an. Yeah and an eagle is. Isn't about the animals. I can not believe you would even ask me now I have no idea our question. Always thought you know that answer I always thought it was about the animal it about animal. You shouldn't be upset with this ticket this time yeah. Saving animals no matter what but what you're upset about is that the take is taking a decision away from somebody and you say that is the important part. I think you'd go ego I think what he's saying is that. He wants people. Shula come to their senses than his dying end. And then. Make a good choice personally. Not to harm these animals. Because. He's allergic to read me like he said it's still wore a Immelman now I hear you dump yeah. Who cares blonde the animals not die I mean dude I guess it's a little fine. Okay you what I only animal is about. Oh this has been never really gave he has not been revealed. You like Gavin there. About this is about the egos of humans and you want people to have the revelation. I don't want to eat meat anymore because he wants your heart to be as. All what animal and. Ever little decision that's mine that's why I feel like. People should make it themselves let cause that people should have a good. The it's what. Eagle eagle is not always a bad thing but it's about you as a human being. So you're replacing Matt above the delight of the animal. I'm not placing man you look at the vice say that the like the animal is saved and no matter what. You or upset they'll Buckeyes the person didn't make the decision. I came in here. After that I had a thought out and how do they I don't think Europe's I don't want you to be upset. Animals are being saved my ex you know it's interesting when I was living in Michigan I was dating a girl that could not eat red meat because of this exact reason knew all along no I swear. Yeah it's only happen if she did you just get sick. She just like you know she would have fifth stomach cramps she would just throw up like one hour and a and just red meat. She's just had evidence that gay and at first I thought Schuessel crap. Because I I didn't well I didn't know that that was actually I think what is strange thing to not believe somebody about it I just thought it was pretty far fetched like. Wait a minute you're saying that because ate tic. Beat you at some points. That now all of a sudden you can't have red meat it's it's hard to find the core relation between the two I mean every body is a very complicated thing. And maybe by spiders and then are able to clam up walls are half. Body. Sometimes he's a big move they make a lot of and some critics bug and sometimes we'll let you talk for do log in and then eventually do get to the point where we keep all of your cereal box.