Wednesday, June 13th

Kevin just found out there is a Vod-quila..its a mix of Vodka and Tequila. He thinks its the greatest thing ever!

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Katie and Ernie we just. It's her candidacy in your morning insert Kevin Garnett more need and so intern Kevin likes to go out about in midtown. Likes to. And some cocktails for pages you pops. And Kevin discovered a brand new drained today and I think all of assimilate to call were pretty surprised that we were able to do is discover was in new. It's called a but Akeelah. Moon. It's accommodations in a vodka and tequila. And actually it's made famous by a company called red idol release vodka tequila but kilos. Is actually created a win one of the girls what the public daughters had a college project for she need to come up with. In new marketable products so at home be decided with her father and her brother they mixed Biotech and tequila together and they created this new product. Why did why did this take three people that come up with Donna. It's the dumbest thing you've ever heard of that kind of thing you do when your kid when you're just like I suicide when you're at center and. So this this perch intern Kevin it's just a little that's why is this so intriguing the intern Kevin. I like tequila. And vodka it's great for making cocktails food so I don't know if somebody if this is like a hot thing. I knew got to be part I got it apparently want to try it. I actually thinking about that you told us about how was created. By. Which hip hop video was it featured on this Kevin is not aware of it if it's not MM hip hop video. It's a fantastic question Gavin I appreciate you asking because it is not featured in a hip hop video. I didn't make that bears. How does it and follow. Where did you hear about it though on the news. That tonight. I guess I subscribe to alcohol daily OK and look somewhat. It's not a problem I just want to know what's new out there in the hogs were re. Homeowners what else was featured are oklahomans recently. I. Alcohol daily rhetoric well ensuring Kevin I don't know where we found tequila and vodka you're in the student. What I did have a guy he's got a little tiny bottles. Oh OK I'm losing you're gonna attempt to make this in here in the new gonna try. Yeah I'm pretty asserts is half half right now halting again I know W dodge ball thing and let's do the. He wants to get no we're not letting him do what it's. Buddy why and why. Full bar. Are now that you should be allowed to do it every human rights Yale adds up front streaker. But key lap. You're not the first person injured right other people of the that I remember in Sacramento news. Created in 2011 actually by the way if if you're listening to this on the wake up call hearing of kids in the car just know that this is being supervised by adults course and we don't wanna encourage. You know drinking. This early on but Kevin felt the need that he needed detritus Ted date right now yeah because. I think it is garbage. Our rights. But it is OK here hole actually so. So yeah that led by mail I'll wait you don't know. You're not gonna mix of he said he didn't take it as. I'll take that with that limb here I have to get this TO now I'll give myself. To me now is not gonna give let me drink it. I does get there real flavor of at all are you got its yeah this politics out Earth Day. Its wallet yeah yeah it's hot out there on my day complete got to get a lemonade and is now back and then shoot its own act I'm really apartment I Ali babysit the first shot in Yemen al-Qaeda you. Picks. I said let me up high and had a really. OK. Okay. Well. Luckily I got it all the Sun Valley an awful ads drew Ager knows. Actually you don't really taste that. Left deep you don't like you do like that Bob got the Dickey liking athletes have I don't need a taster they cancel each other out and tastes like what it's not then it takes great. Try only you know how Bob got out of that little bitter a little taste after the tequila cancels that out. This can be he can't beat it and there are praying. Every right anybody else tried this. I. Did in the market. Suddenly sent as a Mexican this is in Basel. Vodka tequila sounds disgusting OK ready go out but can you doubt that this its currency that's all it's our announced Q yeah I yeah. You got a good and they do like her. That time. The audience. Is for pleading. No one guy that and you know. There's the symbolic war. It's like that all full smell and lingering hybrid isn't tequila didn't want that did. And the vibe guys all love this because people think it's cool right now. It's it's our IQ I don't need it takes are usually need a chase after a shock I don't need it. Are you buying a shot this weekend I mean I'm down Bottke allow let's go let's. Well.