Voice Recognition 5-22-17

Monday, May 22nd

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Voice Recognition" where listeners try to guess which celebrity is in the audio clip for tickets to see Katy Perry:


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And say hi again sorry Jane Carrey is going to be ending golden ones center in January of next year and we have to get street clutching grab 7661065. If you wanted your hands on it. British lady voice recognition game what we do is give a clip now. Let me preface is basing the reason why we decided to do the voice recognition game is and Katie is continents. I would be considered beyond confident on how she can identify it. People's celebrity voices on television like when they did you voice overs for commercials that's pretty creepy it against. Me yeah it's the worst superpower you have her. Oh most use it for gutter. I. Soldiers' lives on the line now will play a clip and we'll see if you can identify. The voice on it let's start with mood let's see. On the show good morning. Tired we're gonna play a club or the CD you can identify the celebrity the famous celebrity that's in the Clinton guy. Okay all right. They don't need advice from mere anybody else because nobody's there we get 3 o'clock in the complete sixers got. To get a. And gasses. While you think about it now. Katie. Tie. I didn't hear or down to two people who know it's pretty sure RI now. Oh. No now now on Hillary bill is what is making me lean towards one burn that flag grabbed his clip I thought her fake glass was so funny I think her lap no there's no way that's the national last oh well that's is exactly constitutes a that is it ain't it it'd suing C says that's what she's sounds like Lindsay labs and movie is Sonya from Lodi good morning. Good morning has played the brilliant. They don't need advice from mere anybody else because nobody is there would be at 3 o'clock in the complete pitches gotten. I. I got the big glass of the. That includes these sound like an easy labs in movies and I've got the person me I Sonia would you guess. Earlier Robert yet now. The plot and wore it. In the box. In pretty important real lab. A legitimate real laugh at why the bike about a little that was like a real life. She had Davies she didn't know Richard you're gonna do gotten pretty woman that's kill this kill him I so that's part of an old movie it. I Katy Perry out will be in town in now and January and never get a parity gets praise any congratulations. Oh my god thinking it so much. These guys. Film. Hang on don't go anywhere okay. I still in the nod tomorrow morning 630 it will do more Katy Perry tickets on the wake of.