Wake Up Call Confessions 4-19-18

Thursday, April 19th


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Wake up. Whenever we run out of something. Score. Wanted to break a bone sometimes when I'm outside walking my dog can. They talk to the British accent. Thursday's on the wake up call he'd wake up call confessions. This is where we share with few Italy can call listeners. Some of our deep dark secrets. Most of the first on the burst. We both reached for the sole. Our shot in the Al he has twenty month old. Until he is in that zone rain where kids that are were never both were. Flee before in another clean for some reason only the last couple months and he only clings to my life right now so we're also not parents that have ever done co sleeping trying to put a kid back to sleep when you don't bring them in your bad is almost like trying to solve a puzzle in an escape room it is it is deep freeze in that we are closely parent. Figure out how to like do this all but we didn't do this first and now we have to do this year what nevermind start all over her failure you are trying to extract some bright you're trying to beat the clock app. Okay and you're tired share sell now that he is believed to my wife wouldn't when he wakes up of them all the night I know. Before I even go in there the second hour walking and he's gonna start screaming for mom you select purposefully. Rack up that counts points. By telling Stacy. Now now let me cal and I go in there. And then these are screaming for mom I Leo well II man eventually she will comment because she hears them over the monitor screaming and then I go through what is no doubt an Oscar winning performance of. No no. Let me just try do is the only one more minute went down. All I'm so sorry that this is happening do you right now you know why I issued that doesn't look she'll. All right I'm sorry Bob. I go right back to sleep well done thank you. Writes I eat with them it's a Smart GAAP. Everybody should do and there and that situation nobody to Iowa OK with nobody out. I'd wake up call confessions. I is. I have made it pretty clear you being that I would be difficult person to be Mary. I it. Not sure there have been fed and Nassau. My husband's a very good. And then. Sometimes. I take it into act. Because that night we're going to sleep. And make him. Massage and a lot of. Eddie always stands. I have said this before many couples that I announce that one person can be married anyone and one person could be married to only their spouses and Alia. I am not only my spouse per you can only been varied to Mike core and Mike could be married to anyone honest or not that is very high in its wake up call confessions. I mean doing radio a long time actually started doing radio when I was in high school itself. The company I was working for. They were like we have another radio station. Can you help them out on the weekends in major help public oh sure yeah seventeen at this point like in five bucks an hour aren't sure what you'll do it. As a country station I said well we got to come up with a name for you on this country station and they decided. That my name on the country station was going to be. Big Tim Johnson almighty god I actually held audio now. No this. Yes. Don't think anybody's ever heard this except for when it actually aired back in 1999. I'll add is a long time ago. Not then. You eat it she buried him in a manner. I know you god here we go. From Reno the American entry not easily done. And the station bringing you instant money that your eye. The day. Only 3 Canadian in the morning in Reno's favorite country. Kenny Chesney I lost it. Street no music on the mountain. No I'm not no play at night I'm not gonna play yeah. Let's in this the last sentence ever be mentioned are referenced in the history of life are any. I don't you know that did not trail do. You many audio abuse saying your name. He. Can't. You're just now I don't know what I. I think I. Me and Big Ten job now. Oh we don't need we don't need any I was at that point and that saving that from your computer day I'll not go to. Do you dare I don't care gap I'll get it move may get art art to bring down this. Wake up call.