Wake Up Call Royal Wedding Part 1

Friday, May 18th

The Royal Wedding is tomorrow but we'll have our own. Listener Nelly is going to marry her boyfriend, Caleb LIVE on the air: 

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The way a school. 165 PM if your wedding they know name will be game we're gonna do it coming up at eight when he here on the wake up call we pushed it to eight when he. Very very special reason. So the royal wedding is tomorrow. In in celebration of the royal wedding we yodeling to call decided that we wanted to have our own royal wedding. Gavin would you like to introduce our guests. We have witnessed today yet no lead. And prince Caleb. We put it out there. That like with everybody having like a wedding fever and stuff like that. That we wanted did do our own royal wedding I am. An official of christianity and I have a legally married people in the state of California and we thought. Let's get a jump on though wedding weekend festivities with the real wedding right here. But I said they let you put anybody actually do this get married on a whim. And yeah I know he said yeah. And leave your family is very hearing anti Lee Humphrey take that crown off the ceremonies aren't yeah. I play with crowds we have a bigger isn't haven't emerging in the Wii coming up. This idea logos you have to get married at a Burger King crab my prom then my little put it on after word right. No loyalty. How long have you guys been beating. Why there's just very years like we dated before and then we broke up. Dominance. And then got back together I did that take a hit but that's why club. Year's total. Lawyers Doleac and it's all go where you or your parents back there and did you ever think your daughter is gonna get married in a radio station on the web and I'm sure how would you put. He's good he can you look at her precious little baby faith in you but. 106 point five DN. Well I appreciate that you guys turned art dressed in white new kilt wearing tie yeah. So this is great do we wanna let's play one song and then come back and do the full ceremony. And we'll get everything ready won't say breeds they ring bearers will make syndicate is ready and everything I think every where should I saw that my little chemical. Hey I theory either you do have a better adorable son here we could put the rings on his hand them Giuliani eat it. Hey I had a little by Donald that badly he's wearing a bug I. Ottawa. In this real thing that's gonna happen next we'll play one son will be back with the royal wedding right here on one a six by the end in the wake up call.